Monday, May 31, 2010

Shots Fired On Crowded Buena Park Street

A reader wrote Sunday night:  "Tonight at 11:30 PM I heard six gunshots echoing off of the buildings around my neighborhood.  POP!... POP POP POP POP POP!  I called 911 in an instant and a few minutes later I heard on the Chicago Scanner saying that eyewitnesses saw two black males in a white car fire at people across the street from Michaels Pizza (4091 North Broadway).  The car headed South on Broadway.  Two bicycles were left at the scene."

A little while later (12:10am), another reader wrote:  "I heard the ones at Broadway and Belle Plaine that cleared out the outdoor seating at Michaels.  Apparently there were some more at Beacon and Wilson a little later."

UU Note:  One of Team UU was heading home at midnight and saw three or four of the local youth group members circling on bikes, cell phones intently held to their ears, then saw them and about 20 others suddenly take off running and biking south, towards Wilson.   Guess news of the Beacon/Wilson shooting had just hit the local gang newsfeed.


  1. Dang, I like Michael's and hope this activity doesn't discourage people from going there. I always sit inside though because I usually go there to catch some game on TV.


  2. Michael's is a great place to sit outside on a nice summer evening. To make sure that it continues to be so, please attend the CAPS meeting for Buena Park this Thursday, 7 pm at Chicago Public Library (corner of Sheridan and Buena).

  3. This is bad news for Shiller. When the crime creeps that far south, people that think Tunney is their alderman will start paying attention.


  4. I missed this by about 15 minutes on the radio. I wish I could've listened in longer to catch this and the apparent gunfire at Wlison and Beacon.

  5. When you can't eat beer and drink pizza in peace there is something very wrong with the world.

    You know what I meant to say.

  6. Maybe it's just another one of Helen's "magic bullets".