Monday, May 31, 2010

"The Broadway Cafe" Now Open

In case you haven't heard, the new incarnation of Kahawa House Coffee, "The Broadway Cafe," is now open next to Borders on Broadway. Readers have already written in raving about the fresh fruit smoothies and all the varieties of coffee drinks available. Be sure to check it out and give them your support!

Good news UU readers! The folks from "The Broadway Cafe" have agreed to give you 15% off any purchase on Mondays when you mention Uptown Update.


  1. I plan on going here just for a smoothie. I really only drink coffee when it's free, and only reluctantly so.

  2. The smoothies are great, I had one a coupla weeks ago...very tasty, fresh ingredients. Very creative flavors.

    The service is as friendly as it gets, the guys running it are great.

    Also they have an awesome selection of magazines to read for free.

    Give them a shot folks, you will not be disappointed and we need more small businesses like this!!