Thursday, January 7, 2010

No Shirt, No Shoes ... No Service?

Interesting note over on the Edgewater Community Buzz blog about the National Day of Service and how it's being observed 'round these parts:

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2010, please join elected officials and local organizations for a day of service to our community. During the day, projects will include assisting seniors with shoveling and winterizing their homes, painting rooms at a local school, and several other repair and clean up projects for local non-profits and people in need. Projects are available for participants of any age.

However, we couldn't help but notice an omission in the participating wards and sponsors:

There will be two starting locations

- 48th Ward Service Office - 5533 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640 and
- 47th Ward Service Office - 4237 N. Lincoln, Chicago, IL 60625

Sponsored by State Senator Heather Steans, Alderman Gene Schulter, State Representative Harry Osterman, State Representative Greg Harris, Alderman Mary Ann Smith, Alderman Joe Moore, Committeeman Tom Sharpe, Committeeman Carol Ronen, Committeeman David Fagus, Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, Edgewater Community Council, and Edgewater Beautiful

Please join in the neighboring communities in providing service to Uptown, Edgewater and Ravenswood.  Read all about it at the Edgewater Community Buzz.

Update: We heard from Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer's office, and she's also sponsoring this Day of Service. We regret the omission.


  1. From the looks of the 46th Ward web site, it appears that the webmaster must be still on vacation; last "new" info is from before Christmas. Maybe they'll be updating soon.

  2. What, you're telling me the 46th ward is...disorganized...and not communicating with their constituents...SHOCKING.

  3. Maybe it's not a vacation problem or a lack of communication. Maybe they understand that the residents of Uptown aren't really into DOING anything as much as they are into TALKING about doing something.

  4. So, then let's just ignore the entire project and deny the residents of Uptown the chance to rectify that assumption?


    I actually believe there's some underlying political tension between a certain state senator and a certain city council member which may very be playing a role in this.

    Either way, it reflects more poorly upon the leadership on the 46th ward moreso than the constituency.

  5. Well, better late than never.

    As of January 17 the 46th Ward Website DID publish a "Day of Service" activity for the afternoon of January 18th. Check out the site for further info.

  6. Well, Shiller has never been able to play well with others. The rest of the area has been promoting the Care For Real Day of Service for weeks/months now. Ald. Shiller did her own little DoS announcement on Sunday, via email. Wonder how the respective turnouts were?