Friday, January 8, 2010

Property Tax Relief Program - Sent In Yours?

Wacky!  Only about 4,000 Chicago homeowners (of an estimated 200,000 who qualify) have applied for the city's [election year] Property Tax Relief Program so far. 

If your 2008 property taxes went up (you would have received the bill in October 2009) and your household income is under $200,000, you qualify for a one-time rebate of between $25 and $200, in the form of a Visa check card.  You've got to show you live in the home as your primary residence by Xeroxing a photo ID and sending in a copy of your tax bill.  The deadline is March 31st.  Read more about it here.

Update:  We found some fine print in filling out the application -- "The property tax bill must indicate the Homeowner Exemption.  The program is only for properties owner-occupied as of January 1, 2007."

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