Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Saw The (Gang) Sign

Next time you see an Uptown gangbanger "throwin' signs," you might know which sign they are throwin after reading this, courtesy of NBC Chicago.

UU Note: Wouldn't it be nice to the see the bangers throwin this sign on the right?


  1. I have a gang sign too.

    The "V" for Victory sign.

    See ya next February, Helen.

    By the way, Uptown Update you are off your game.

    The street lights on Wilson from the Red Line to Clark have been out for at least the past two nights. Maybe longer.

    My short term memory sucks. Too much LSD from those CIA experiments back in the 60's.

  2. IP-
    We assume you called 311 as soon as you dropped your hooker off at her home. =)

  3. 311?

    Damn, there goes that short term memory loss again.

    Actually, with the cold snap we are enduring it's more difficult to find a good(or bad) hooker around.

    I noticed the lack of lights on Wilson when walking my twin labradoodles Genghis and Khan.

  4. I was just out walking my twin Yugoslav terriers Slobo and Milo and I am happy to report the lights on Wilson are back on.

    More than that the "po po" are out in force.