Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Uptown Police Toy Drives

Uptown Update and Uptown Chicago Commission are proud to promote the Children's Holiday Parties held by the 20th and 23rd District Police. Donations are needed: new toys and non-perishable food in the 20th District (party held on December 16th) and funds for toys and the party in the 23rd District (party held on December 5th). This is a great way to give directly to the children right here in this neighborhood, community member to fellow community member. Please click on the poster for details.

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  1. To give a little background on this, the idea for promoting this originated from folks talking with one another at one of the Positive Loitering events at Leland and Sheridan about a month ago. Someone thought it would be great for UU to sponsor its own toy drive and then find a way of distributing the toys to the neighborhood kids.

    Upon contacting UU, I learned it was a bit much for them to organize this, so a few of us thought it might be nice to tie the toy drive into what others were already doing. Why reinvent the wheel? The Police Toy Drive was chosen because they already have a clear process in place for organizing this and best of all, it’s a positive way to connect kids with the police… and given what we’ve witnessed in August, it’s never too early to start that positive connection with a few kids who could benefit from it.

    The 20th and the 23rd Police Districts have some great programming to help foster positive relations with kids and it also lets kids know that they have another trusted adult to seek out should they need it. I understand the police get a lot of satisfaction from doing this kind of thing as well.

    So everyone, please be generous. Your support is appreciated!