Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good BET

For years now, the Black Ensemble Theatre has been fundraising, even passing the hat after performances, to move from its current location (Hull House, 4520 N Beacon) to a new facility at 4440 N Clark, where they can reach twice the number of audience members. According to the Sun-Times, it's finally gonna happen.

"Jackie Taylor told her audience that $13 million of the $15 million needed for her theater's new home (with two stages and classrooms) has been raised. Groundbreaking is set for June, with a September 2011 opening."

By the way, BET has a New Year's Eve event that sounds like fun: Cocktail party, "Best of BET" performance, open mike, dancing, and partying, all for $100. Check it out here.


  1. Of the $13,000,000 raised $6,000,00 is from the Clark Montrose TIF.

    I like BET but this is a huge amount of money for a project liket this. Raven Theater was less than $1m.

  2. Very exciting to see some positive development on that section of Clark. Let's hope it spurs additional development in the form of restaurants, bars, etc.

  3. Hum. Slow news day in Uptown, it appears nobody got shot... that's a good thing.

  4. The good old TIF money pot.

    Like a magical endless supply of fun money.

  5. I don't really have too much of a problem with TIFs if they do what they're supposed to - start money flowing in areas where it hasn't. I'm glad to see BET get a more central location and a bigger space. Let's hope it gets the money flowing. Beats fish farming, in any case.

  6. This is great. 4400 Block of Clark Street needs this!

  7. How about parking?

    Since the pay boxes went in on Clark St, I've seen Dept of Revenue ticket writers appearing with regularity in the area just north of this building and south of Wilson. I, personally, refuse to leave my car anywhere on a city street just to enrich the wallets of Daley's political pals.

    I hope they have a plan!