Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Tales This Home Could Tell...

It's just a now-shabby frame house on the 4700 block of Winthrop, built in 1899 and last serving as a shelter for victims of domestic violence.

Chicago Textures blog traces its history, and that of Uptown, and explains why the little house never fit into the neighborhood that surrounds it.

Seems Uptown was a planned development, back in the day (you'll have to see the picture to believe it), and was supposed to be a single-family home residential area. But then the L was built, and everything changed. The L brought density, young singles, apartment hotels, entertainment venues and vibrancy to Uptown. The little house didn't fit in during Uptown's heyday, and it doesn't now.

It's been slated for demolition, and there's no denying that it's in sad shape. Read the blog to find out why the author feels this dignified little misfit should remain standing, at least a little longer.


  1. Oh dear, no chance that this can get some kind of "historical" status to keep it from the wrecking ball? There are properties like this in Lincoln Park too - tiny cottages surrounded by multi-family condos and McMansions. But I think that those have been "protected."

  2. It's been allowed to deteriorate. It was ok a few years ago...I live nearby....I can't imagine it can't be fixed up.....who says it can't...whose behind tearing it down and why...

  3. Unfortunately you would have to find a person with deep pockets that is willing to sink significant dollars into rehab.

    Its fine to glance at these homes and say "I can't imagine it can't be fixed up" but you're not the one pouring the dollars in.

    I've fixed up old homes, and they are a pricy hobby. I can extimate to replace the porch is probably 35,000 to 40,000 alone.

    Many people who want to live in a fine old house, Will buy one thats already fixed up. And in this market, probably buy it for a good price.

    Besides, what person in the right mind is going to invest heavily in a single family home in a dense area. You can go west of B'way and find some pretty nice places and the density is much lower.