Friday, November 13, 2009

Cops 5, Bangers 0

We're hearing some good news about the police work after the shots fired last Sunday evening at Sheridan & Lakeside:

The 23rd District Tactical Team arrested five gangbangers (Conservative Vice Lords, in case anyone cares) in connection with the incident, including the person who did the shooting and another who threw the gun on the porch of a home on Lakeside Place in an effort to get away. Officers have the weapon as well. No word on whether the dropped cell phone was reunited with its owner. Nice work, officers!


  1. Well done officers and good job neighbors!

  2. And that's with reduced numbers and no contract. Imagine if the city actually supported their efforts...

  3. Is that the Rush Limbaugh wing of the Vice Loards?

  4. Does that mean we also have a liberal wing of the vice lords? I am really struggling with this one. What does that even mean?

  5. Well done coppers! I noticed they had 3 cars out around the Sheridan / Montrose intersection doing random stops yesterday (11/12) b/w 1 and 4pm or so.

  6. From Wiki:

    "In an attempt at softening their public image, the Vice Lord leaders changed the gang's name to "Conservative Vice Lords", which today serves as the foundation of the entire Vice Lord Nation.[2] They developed new logos and advertised themselves as a community outreach group. They went as far as to petition for a community outreach chapter named "Conservative Vice Lord Incorporated".[2] This attempt was successful enough that the group began to receive a large amount of positive publicity from various politicians and community leaders. CVL, Inc. established a number of recreational areas for neighborhood children which were then used as meeting houses after they had closed for the day."

    Hilarious. Community outreach group.

  7. In a way, it makes sense: in the absence of state authority, gangs, cartels, terrorist organizations, etc. will often legitimize themselves with the population by providing social services and security.

    In other words, Uptown isn't all that different from northern Mexico and Afghanistan.

  8. In Barcelona, the Latin Kings were recongnized as a cultural association, the "Cultural Association of the Latin Kings and Queens of Catalonia."
    Maybe the gangs will be applying for TIF grants for community activities here soon.

  9. I hate to burst anyones bubble, but there is nothing unusual about this. We do this type of thing all the time. Of course the common misconception is that all we do is hang out at Dunkin Donuts, write traffic tickets and beat people up but the reality is that these types of arrests are comonplace. And I'm not attempting to steal anyones thunder because this was nice work. Nice but routine.

  10. Al Capone gave away a lot of bread and soup back in the day.

    Just sayin'

  11. Big Daddy, I don't think anyone's saying this isn't the norm, but a big thank you from the community ain't bad, either. We're just happy to have some good news ... post-rioting, post-shooting, post-fear. Keep on keepin' on, flatfoot. ;-)

  12. Huge fatherly one,

    I think it is entirely possible for cops to make a great arrest and then celebrate with a box o donuts.

    If it's a good arrest Dunkin Donuts will do.

    If it's a great arrest Krispy Kremes for everyone.

    One of the simple pleasures in life is a donut. Not one of those godawful healthy creations you might find at some health food store. Nope, I'm talking a sugary delight smothered in chocolate and more sugar.

    Ben Franklin said that "beer is proof God loves us."


    I of course would add donuts to the list of things that prove the Almighty loves us.

    I'd like to take a moment to reflect upon this.

    Life is just like choosing a donut.

  13. Caring Neighbor, your right, nothing wrong with a pat on the back. I just wanted to make sure you realize that we do these things all the time.

    Irish Pirate-
    Donuts would never be suitable as a reward for a nice pinch. A pint of Guinness is much more to my liking.

  14. BD,

    You could always dip your donut into the pint.


  15. Big Daddy,
    Thanks for all you guys do. I stay in Uptown because of the police presence. I feel safer her than I would on the South or West sides or in any other neighborhood on the North side. May be naiive, but true.

  16. Ahh the senses dance at the thought of a lightly glazed cruller dipped into a room temperature Irish stout.I gave up the finer things in life unfortunately for what, i find myself asking occasionally. A tip of the hat to the CPD for the excellent work that is acknowledged not enough I'm afraid, all things considered.