Thursday, November 12, 2009

LEN: Wilson Yard Housing To Open February 1st

From Lake Effect News:

Residents could start moving into the affordable rental housing in the Wilson Yard development as early as February as the residential buildings near completion. Peter Holsten, president of Holsten Real Estate Development Corp., is the project’s sole developer. The company has developed more than $500 million in affordable, market-rate, mixed-income and commercial developments throughout the city, according to its Web site.

Holsten said that a list of prospective tenants for the senior and family housing at Wilson Yard is being compiled by Alderman Helen Shiller’s 46th Ward service office at 4544 N. Broadway. The two mid-rise buildings are part of at $52 million TIF-funded development that also includes 200,000 square feet of commercial space, the largest TIF project in Chicago history.

Read the entire article to see who Holsten say is getting preference as tenants, the screening procedures Holsten says will be implemented, and his plans for a "nice calm community."


  1. I already sent an e-mail to Peter and Helen asking if there will be an open house so we can see the luxury appartment s we bought.

  2. I'd rather get a tour of the luxury Holsten house that we bought. It's in Hinsdale, right?

  3. I find it deeply troubling that the alderman would be so involved in the tenant selection for Wilson Yard, yet has completely ignored the problems with gangs, guns and drug sales occuring in Uptown's existing subsidized housing.

  4. They will probably be managed better than most of the condo buildings at least at first.

    I mean the common areas will be clean and stuff taken care of.

    How do I get a place there?

  5. Shiller is compiling the list of tenants? Conflict of interest anyone???

    I'm glad to see she is continuing to red line our community for her own benefit.

    I am sure Denise Davis, Marc Kaplan and the rest of the gang will enjoy their new apartments. Oh, maybe not Denise - she makes more than the median income.

  6. Wilson Yard is going to be expertly managed, especially until the next election. Think about it....

    1) We're in the middle of a nasty nasty recession, so there is no shortage of actual quality candidates for subsidized housing.

    2) Wilson Yard has become not only a referendum on Helen Shiller, but on her social policies as well. Those issues will be front and center in 2011. Helen cannot let Wilson Yard go to hell in a hand basket.

    I would fully expect Helen to make sure WY is a well run public housing site until at least the next Aldermanic election. After that, well, good luck.

  7. those buildings will look like hell and will be falling apart within 5 years, you heard Jim Osborne say it here....

    ....and of course, it won't be the actual tenants that live there that destroy them, "it's the people that stay with them....I just love when that line is used....