Friday, November 13, 2009

Ask The Alderman

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  1. I guess all the "good apples" live south of Irving, and all the bad ones are north of there.

    Could she be anymore polarizing?

  2. Perhaps some of us bad apples from up north should attend this meeting?

  3. I really hope people will show up.
    I live on Brompton Avenue-one block north of Cornelia and every single person reading Uptown Update can consider themselves personally invited to attend this meeting as my guest. Not that you need to attend as anyone's guest, but some people in Uptown may not think this is the forum for expressing their views to Helen Shiller, and they could NOT BE MORE WRONG!!!

    Many people in my neighborhood don't have any idea they even live in the 46th Ward! They think Tom Tunney is their Alderman and they do not pay any attention to Shiller and Uptown since we technically live in East Lakeview. It is time to TAKE ACTION!!!! We need some educated 46th Ward residents to attend the meeting and ask some REAL questions about crime, TIFF Funds, Wilson Yard, property taxes and budget shortfalls-the homeless, the percentage of Section 8 housing in the ward, etc. PLEASE, I don't have all the facts as I am a recent fan of Uptown Update, and we need to have more informed residents attend who know what is going on so they can ask the real questions and make this much more than a PR stunt for Shiller. Seriously!!!
    We need help over here too, and we need you guys to join us at this meeting. I don't regularly go to the Belmont Harbor Neighborhood Assn. Events, but I live in this zone and calling Shiller out is a priority!!!

    I have been trying to spread the word around here about what is going on in Uptown since we are all voters in the 46th Ward, and I am frustrated by the apathy...if there isn't a bullet flying down their street or within a two block radius, some of these idiots just don't seem to care.

    I love the UU because people are all on the same page. I just do not understand it when my neighbor says stuff like "it is just part of living in the city" and "you should not live your life in fear". She doesn't get the fact that it is not fear, it is called ANGER and it is being proactive and working together to make a difference! I cannot understand how people do not get the fact that if it is happening in the next neighborhood, it is only a matter of time until it happens in theirs.

    PLEASE rally the troops and get your neighbors to attendthis meeting! If Shiller won't make an effort to show up and be accountable when she is supposed to, then her Ward has every right to seek her out and get some answers!!!

  4. Ok. Lemme see if I have this straight:

    Man shot and killed in gang cross fire in front of her office: nothing

    Advertised demonstration outside of her office: nothing

    Town Hall meeting held to address violence: nothing (sitting in the audience doesn't count)

    Second Town Hall meeting to address progress on violence: nothing (sending a rep to mention 1 bldg doesn't count)

    Gang riot caught on film: nothing

    Protesters outside the Olympic meeting: nothing (empty platitudes and running at the 1st sign of adversity doesn't count)

    Garbled press release casting her as a victim of political motivations: Worth nothing

    Televised interview where she hardly addresses issues which brought her into the fore-front: worth nothing

    Escalation of gang violence - multiple shootings: nothing

    CAPS meetings: nothing (sending reps to 1 meeting doesn't count)

    Integration of community concerns when handling property tax dollars: nothing

    Attacking her detractors w/subpoenas: check

    Obfuscating fiscal, and hiding general details of how that money was being spent: check

    Bringing in her supporters to discuss "affordable housing" as defense of a TIF amendment which, by her own words, wouldn't be including "affordable housing": check

    Overall: Ignoring a large swath of her constituency north of Irving: check

    Glad-handing, fund raising, and actually doing her job south of Irving: check (payable to Citizens for Shiller, 'natch).

    The only thing transparent with this woman is her political strategy.

    Free market south of Irving.

    Plantation politics north.

    So - if you go, and I would recommend that we fill the place to overflowing - the key is civility!

    Remember, the minute any one of the regular rabble rousers get snarky or rude, you just handed her the southern part of the ward.

    I'd also suggest that a flyer campaign be set up to litter SOI (south of Irving) with information.

    Information is power, and the lack of such is what helps get Helen re-elected.

    It's high time we shift the balance of power with a little insight.

  5. once again south of Irving...if James wants to win, efforts need to be focused on that damn area ---- I couldn't believe all the people that didn't vote when I worked the poles at the New York. "Why bother, the Ward is great, we even have a Whole Foods" - very few realize that they have Tom Tunney to thank for that OR they assume Tunney is their Alderman....

    We need to fight fire with fire...

  6. I am a member of this organization and have been going steadily to their meetings for the past couple of years... except when it's critical that I attend my local CAPS meeting which is held the same night.

    I would encourage anyone who attends to be very respectful of Ald. Shiller. Many of you know that I disagree with her on many levels, but I find that I'm able to accomplish much more behind the scenes when I keep my commitment of being respectful of others no matter what. One can be respectful and tough & honest at the same time. Those are the traits I admire in real leaders. Tough questions are great, just ask them in a respectful tone. The leaders of this organization do not want this to be a debate and that needs to be respected.

    I fully understand the frustration that we cannot get Ald. Shiller to have the same type of discussion within the northern half of the ward. I'm frustrated, too, but that's not going to change. It makes it easier to have a supportive alderman, but we've shown that we can still facilitate change without that support. It's just a little harder to do.

  7. Another indication that Aldercritter Shiller will likely run for election.

    I wouldn't want it any other way.

    Here those metaphorical steps behind you Helen?

    It's "de feet".

  8. I know people (who know people) and swear Ald. Shiller is running in 2011. I also know people (who know people) who swear Ald. Shiller is not running in 2011. She normally confirms her plans 4 or 5 months before the election and I expect the same will occur again. I’m running regardless.

    For the record, Ald. Shiller has been doing this talk with Belmont Harbor Neighbors every year for a very long time. I wouldn’t look at this as any sign of her future plans.

    IP, what's this about you never contributing money to my campaign? ;)

  9. Anyone know if she could raise money....choose to retire....give that money to say....her son to run for alderman?

    Is that legal?

  10. She could just appoint him, Strogeresqe-happens all the time.

  11. James,

    It was probably better for your campaign that I didn't contribute.

    I did contribute to Fix Wilson Yard.

    I did attend a UNC fundraiser at the Annoyance Theater. Some parody on President Bush as I recall.

    I guess I coulda and shoulda attended a fundraiser at one of the bars that you held. I'm not a "cappeltini" kinda drinker though.

    I prefer to keep my identity secret from everyone. Especially from me. I can't be trusted.

    It's more fun that way. One day they may actually find out that I'm "Swede Anderson" and a figment of the imagination of Ernest Hemingway and two strange men will track me to a diner and then off me at the Darlington Hotel.

    As for our glorious aldercreature my guess is she will run. Between her son and staff a good number of people depend on her being in office for a portion of their incomes.

    I could be wrong. I guess time will tell.

    It won't be a good year for incumbents I suspect. Once the reassessment takes effect for 2009 real estate taxes(payable in 2010)the voters of this ward and some other wards are going to be revolting.

    I think Helen considers us revolting already.

    As for what Shiller could do with any money in her campaign fund pretty much anything she wants.

    She couldn't appoint her son to replace herself. She could try to get Da Mare to appoint him, but I doubt that would happen.

    Hizzoner is very particular who he appoints to aldermanic vacancies.

  12. They Monday after the shooting last Sunday night (I witnessed the bust across the street from my home) I checked her website to see what she had to say - and I was sad but not surprised to find, not concern for my safety, but information about her fundraiser! Which, btw, is Wednesday at El Mariachi -

  13. Oh, I get it ask the Alderman... hmmm. Here's a few...

    Where else have you had an "ask the alderman" session this past year?

    Can you do one in my neigbhorhood? (Near Leland and Sheridan)

  14. Article about how new Committee Chair Shiller comes to the aid of a college student who might be deported over a DUI.

    I don't think I would call a DUI a minor traffic violation. I personally consider it pretty damn serious.

    Now I don't necessarily think this guy should be deported. For all intents and purposes he is an American by experience if not by birth.

    That being said I do think it would be nice if our alderman would put as much time into trying to help the people of this ward as trying to fight the federal government.

    Here's an idea Helen. With gunfire and crime in the ward on an increase, city services being decreased, and taxes going up how about after you fight the feds on this you join the rest of us in trying to improve the ward?

    I won't be holding my breath.

    Of course I guess that fighting the federal government appeals to her sense of self. Fighting "da man" so to speak. Reminds her of her past protesting the Vietnam War.

  15. I didn't know there was a path to citizenship in Chicago for good grades

  16. IP, there is an unmistakable difference beetween the opportunist Alderman Shiller who gladly grandstands for this University student's cause, and the amazingly silent Alderman Shiller when immigrant college student Francis Odouro was killed in gang crossfire across the street from her office.

  17. PACs can contribute to PACs in Illinois if that's what you're asking

  18. Well James I hope your paying attention to this. Her campaigning in this region of the ward should be a huge flag where you need to focus your attention.

    From what I understand most of those people don't even know they are in her ward.

    Helen knows she wont win in a lot of other areas. People are just plain fed up with her (run helen run). If she is running she is going to focus on the area south of Irving and in the high rises along lake shore.

    Go get em James!

  19. The Cappelmaniac has already stated that he is active south of Irving Park. As I stated before he is the Energizer Bunny of Aldermanic candidates.

    Many of our lakeview neighbors aren't happy with our elected leaders. I personally love each and every one of our elected officials because I know that they are only concerned for our well being. I so love our elected leaders that I intend to vote against them next time so they can retire and live long lives in the winter of our discontents. Like our leaders: I CARE.

    Between the parking meter fiasco, rising property taxes and the glory of the "registration fee" for dumpsters that area should switch from a 55% Shiller majority or so to a majority for her opponent. Whoever that may be.

    I even think something similar is likely among the high rise dwellers on Marine Drive and Clarendon. Do you really think the folks near Clarendon and Marine are thrilled with the idea of Shiller having an "input" into the Maryville property?

    Shiller is like Jason from the "Halloween" franchise. Wearing a mask as a reformer yet stabbing people to death with the TIF knife.

    Showing up with some Pizza from Leona's isn't going to buy many votes among those folks. All it takes is a few loudmouthed condo owners to spread the word. f you know anything about large condo buildings there are always some loudmouths around and they won't be happy with their higher taxes or assessments.

  20. Uhm, that's like, on the southernmost border of Shiller's ward. In other words, she was in her ward. There's no story here.