Thursday, October 1, 2009

Olympic Watch Party At Crew Friday Morning

Crew (4804 N Broadway) will open at 11am on Friday in anticipation of the International Olympic Committee's decision on the host city for the 2016 games. The announcement is expected sometime after 11:30am CDT.

No matter what the decision is, whether you're pro or con, there'll be plenty of alcohol for toasting or beer for crying into, including .... "our special 2016-tini" for $6. Come out and celebrate all day and night."


  1. Methinks I'll watch it live on the net.

    IF Chicago gets the Olympics, a very good bet, then I expect to see the Mayor's eyes roll back in his head as he starts to giggle uncontrollably. His head may even start to spin ala "The Exorcist".

    Even though I'm cautiously pro-Chicago Olympics it ain't gonna be a purdy site.

  2. Chicago eliminated in first round.


    Oh well, once again my prognostications turn out to be 100 percent WRONG.

  3. Nope... sorry Daley, you finally got told "no".

  4. Mr. Mayor,

    Can you now please refocus your efforts on Public Safety and get our Police Force a new contract? You might also want to consider filling the thousands of vacancies that exist with the CPD.

    I wonder how much your refusal to do these things over the past two years affected your bid?

  5. I was surprised that someone finally said no to Daley. I honestly thought no one ever would. I remained open to having the Olympics here but I would have been a strong supporter had we had another mayor in office. I don't trust Daley's ability to stop corruption anymore. All cities have some level of corruption, but it's been way too much in Chicago for way too long.


  7. Jason, my video has been posted about a month now.

    Thanks for showing the link.

    The CounterRevolution Will Not Be Televised!