Thursday, October 1, 2009

2 Positive Loitering Locations This Friday, 7-8 PM

The Uptown Chicago Commission is once organizing two locations for "Positive Loitering" events this Friday night, October 2nd, from 7-8 PM. The locations were chosen because of the recent spate of violence nearby.

Neighbors who live in the Magnolia Malden Neighbors area are asked to gather at the corner of Leland and Malden at 7 PM. Last Friday we had 35 attendees.

Neighbors who live in the Truman Square and Lakeside area are requested to gather at the corner of Leland and Sheridan at 7 PM. Neighbors have been gathering at this time and location for the past five weeks.

Positive Loitering is a great way to come out and meet new neighbors and start taking back our neighborhoods from those who are creating this violence. Please come out and show our strength as a neighborhood.

Of course the invitation is extended to all concerned residents of Uptown. We look forward to having all of our neighbors participate, regardless of geographic boundaries. See ya'll tomorrow night!

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  1. the weather's supposed to be crappy, just like it was last weekend. don't let this stop you from showing up! i went last friday to leland & sheridan and was able to meet the district commander boehmer. i also met a handful of neighbors. i can't make it this weekend, but i hope that more people can participate!