Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Mosa Building" Now In Receivership

We just got a notice from Truman Square Neighbors about the dilapidated "Mosa Building" at 1014-1036 West Leland:

"A Court-appointed Receiver has taken possession of the residential portion of the building and is boarding up windows and doorways to secure the building from further criminal activity. Apparently, this is the first step in fixing what has been a problematic building for several years.

We are hopeful this will be a step in the right direction to fix this building once and for all.  Many thanks go out to the neighbors who were able to attend the court case last week!"

When a building is in receivership, it's basically in the possession of a court-appointed lender. We're happy for the relatively quick action taken in this case, and hopeful that the building is stabilized and secure very soon.

For those just tuning in, the building has been a haven for squatters, prostitutes and druggies since it had a massive flood and was basically abandoned last December.  See here, here and here for past posts about the situation.


  1. I'm very happy to hear this. I can't wait for this building to be secured and hopefully be repaired and sold to responsible owners. I witnessed a woman smoking crack in the alley behind this bldg and when I yelled at her she walked right into one of the front doors and I could see her smoking the pipe while standing inside the door. Glad to hear the first step in stopping this is being taken!

  2. That is fantastic news! Who was the judge?

  3. This is yet another example of how the community can and does make a difference in what goes on in the neighborhood.

    It was the continual calls for service to 911, and bringing this building up at CAPS beat meetings over and over again, that got it into housing court.

    It was the court advocate who spoke up in court when the judges and lawyers asked him about the building and the situation last week.

    It was the neighbor who waited outside for the the housing officers and showed them how the building was being entered.

    We can't wait for the alderman and the city to take care of things. WE need to be the change we want to see.

    Come to CAPS. Call 911. Take an hour off work if you can and go to court.

    This building is being taken care of because of the good citizens of Uptown. I'm proud of us. But there's so much more that needs to be done, and we have to power to make it happen, over and over again.

  4. Thank GOD. The boarding up of the doors can't come soon enough!

  5. Shiller won't like this one little bit! How dare they board up this building and not allow the disadvantaged to use this building as they please. This is a hate campaign toward the homeless, prostitutes, drug dealer and drug users.

    To ensure that this building is not taken away from the most needy in our community, Ald. Shiller will need to use her most recent winfall of TIF money to buy the building and take the boards down and give the down trodden a much needed place to live and conduct their recreational activities, afterall, there is not enough lower income subsidized housing in Uptown.

    (So I hope people realize that I am being extremely sarcastic here! I actually want to see this building bought and turned into legit condo's for more evil condo owners to buy and to see the retail space occupied by new and innovative business - not check cashing and the like)