Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Problem In Our Uptown Parks

A reader sends in the following photos and info:
"Did you know that an underground utility vault runs an entire 1/2 block length - from just north of the Park District Maintenance Office to Wilson Avenue? There are entrance doors at each end. Here are photos (click to enlarge) of the ramped entrance into the vault that lies in the mound just North of the North East corner of the Park District Maintenance Bldg at 4421 N Marine Drive.
The Park District does not have the key. "Someone in the city comes once in the while and goes down there." Meanwhile the door at the base of the steps has been taken off the hinges and the woven wire can be pried up on top so "methinks'' someone other than city workers goes down there.
Also, the ramp leading to the door is a favorite drinking and toilet hole for the homeless as is evidenced by the beer can and toilet business remains.


  1. It's probably owned and maintained by ComEd. They would restrict distribution of the keys to avoid litigation concerns - and for the same reason would probably appreciate being informed of any vandalism to the gate that would allow unauthorized access.

  2. The day of 9/11 this was surrounded by police standing guard. Whatever it is, it's critical city infrastructure.

  3. This is the Lakeview Pumping Station of the Water Department. It is critical, and that's why keep a low profile with no signage. This is where water from the Wilson Ave. Crib in lake Michigan comes onshore.

  4. I have passed it many times and I always see hooker and homeless activity going into this vault. Why does not the park management do something to notify the proper departments to clean up this unsafe and unhealthy condition.

  5. Alarming, that someone pointed out this is 'critical infrastructure'
    This area is a free for all, for our homeless campers.