Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Little Fockers" Take Over Uptown

A reader sends in the following pic and info:
"Thought I would share a bit of Hollywood visiting the area. Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro were on location at Irving and Sheridan for the filming of “Little Fockers” in the Meet the Fockers series. There were trucks all over Irving Park rd. the stars’ trailers were in the old Shell Station lot at Irving and Sheridan.

Filming was in front of the Tropico bar. They were also prepping the coffee house and a restaurant either for use by the stars or filming.

They might have used the Sheridan station as many CTA personnel were on hand and lights were set all over inside the station."

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  1. I was going home after a concert last night and got on the Sheridan stop right as they were wrapping up. A film crew said they would be filming for the rest of the week. They had equipment on the northbound platform, so I'm totally certain they shot up there.