Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tags Be Gone!

A reader writes:

"Well, it took 17 days of regular calls to 311, but the gang tags behind 940 W. Cuyler finally got painted over today. Thanks for everyone's help."

Good news. Anyone know if the tags are still on the buildings on Kenmore?


  1. When I called 311 there were 12 other reports already taken going back to the 1st of Sept. I ended up talking to a supervisor who took another report and filed a complaint with Chicago Streets and San. He did say that there had been a reduction in the staff that address these type of issues. Nice that the City can give another 50 million dollars to Helen with almost no questions asked, but not another penny for the Graffiti Clean Up Crew. If there is something that needs to be cleaned up close to where you live, I would call them everyday until it gets cleaned up. It should never take 17 days like it did on Cuyler!

  2. 17 days is pretty quick, its a big city, be thankful. The repeated 311 calls don't have any effect, they just become duplicates.

  3. Well I disagree that "17 days is pretty quick." There have been lots of tagging in our alley over the past 5 years and it has never taken that long before. In the past, 2-5 days was closer to the norm.

  4. A friend told me that Graffiti Blasters are absolutely overwhelmed, so what used to take a couple days is now taking longer.

    17 days does seem excessive.

  5. Yes, the tags are still on 4070 N. Kenmore, despite repeated calls to 311. Not only that, the sewage repair and construction at Kenmore and Buena is still not finished after more than 8 months...but that's life under Shiller! Nice work Shiller.

  6. this morning walking past howard brown health center on sheridan at irving, a group of people (who i assumed were associated with the center) were standing in front looking agitated about the huge new tag right on the front of the building. i didn't get a picture but suggested they call 311 and the alderman's office for removal. will try to follow up myself this afternoon too.

  7. I don't blame Shiller directly for graffiti.

    I do blame her for the funding shortfall for graffiti blasters.

    So many fish farms to fund........

    The standard for removing graffiti should be 12 hours. Seven days a week. If that means the city workers need to work 24 hours a day so be it.

    Get the graffiti off quickly and the taggers will likely become frustrated.

    Gang graffiti is a big FU to a neighborhood.

    The only FU out there should be toward the gangs.

  8. Someone from our condo board called the alderman's office to a "had we known we would have..." and the did get someone right out. So.... our Latin Kings artwork for 1048 and so forth is gone.

  9. I am guessing that they did know about it since it has been reported that many from the 46 ward office read and post on UU regularly.

    Maybe the Alderman should expand the time she spends walking around the community. She expressed to CBS that she is "Very approachable" when out on her walks.