Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reminder: Your Signature Is Needed

Click here to sign the petition brought to you by Fix Wilson Yard and Uptown Neighborhood Council. The decisions made regarding the Wilson Yard TIF will impact TIFs all over Chicago. Please let your friends and neighbors know that ANY resident of Cook County is eligible to sign the petition.


  1. We start working on this now and that politically connected judge will have less reason to throw out the next case. And more people will start to take notice. And there will be less chance Da Mare will be able to consider more of his "beautiful city" a slum so he can make more TIF districts to pay for his beloved Olympics.

  2. If I could sign it and use my real name then you folks can too.

    Perhaps this video I found earlier today on the tubes of inner will prove inspirational.

    At the end Mayor Daley, also known as "himself", speaks words of wisdom.

    Be warned this video may make you laugh so hard you go poo poo in your underwear.

    As for the individual who made this video I salute you.

    Someone who viewed it earlier already accused me of being the perpetrator of this atrocious video.

    To which I can only channel "The Departed". Maybe, maybe not........

  3. I'm happy to sign the petition, but how much impact will an online petition actually have? Wouldn't a paper petition, with verifiable names/addresses, be taken more seriously?

    Just asking...

  4. Irish Pirate, I went poo poo just a little bit.

    NOT that Daley is Hitler or that Chicago politics can be compared to the Nazi Party.

    Jeez Louise, is this ward deprived. Poor urban planning, horrible public housing conditions. With the addition of more low income housing how can we possibly support the businesses that exist and raise enough property taxes to support our schools and parks?

    When will Helen learn from the mistakes of Chicago's past?

    I signed it, everyone should.

  5. Stef,

    Well if "Downfall" parodies are good enough for Hillary Clinton, the real estate market, Brett Favre and dozens of others then there good enough for Rich Daley.

    Here's one of those annoying links I like to post.

    This is much better than anything I've done.

    I hope it gets seen throughout the land. Then perhaps our glorious Mayor will be stupid enough to invoke "The Streisand Effect".

    Oh well, a girl can dream can't she?

  6. All Chicago residents are affected by TIFs.

    All Chicago residents who own property paying millions of dollars into TIFS.

    All Chicago residents will ultimately pay for the billions
    of tax dollars TIFs divert away
    from City's operating budget and into Daley's private bank account.

    How does the City get away with high-jacking millions?
    Read this article and weep...

    Time for all of us to wake up, question why 160 TIFS cover almost half of Chicago and devour almost
    half a billion $$$ every year from
    our property taxes.

  7. Kenny: Time constraints. The short notices from the Alderman and the City Council is an age old tactic to avoid any dissent.

    Digital signature are not the same, but digital signatures and 50 Chicago residents that signed the digital petition and present it at the City Council meeting on September 8th is effective.

    One thing is for sure. The tactics used to perpetuate the shoving of property tax revenue growth into funds controlled by a small number of individuals will not stop until city and county residents make it known to elected officials that they're not going to take it lying down.

    Here is your chance to assemble to determine how your tax dollars are spent.

  8. Someone in my building printed out and posted a few of these fliers.


    Thank you.

  9. Fifty four million and to know that the city just offered me a contract that not only has no pay increase for five years but actually takes benefits away. If this contract is ratified my annual salary will be less next year compared to this year. And some of you wonder why the moral of the CPD is down, why coppers are less aggressive now. Your security, your well being and law enforcement is just not taken seriously or considered important by this city. Think about it. My salary will not raise one cent for five years and when you factor in inflation or the cost of living, at the end of that five years, I will probably be making minimum wage. I could enter my child in a local high school, watch him graduate and then enter college before the contract that the mayor wants me to accept expires. And then he will do what he always does, not negotiate in good faith which means that five year contract will actually be a seven or eight year contract. Sorry for the rant folks but I think I'm going to pull the pin and move as far away from this cesspool as I can. You folks can live with the most corrupt political system aka as the Cook County Democratic Party, Rich Daley, Todd Stroger, Cop Watch and all the other goofs that conspire to keep us in our places while at the same time steal millions for themselves and their friends. For the last twentynine years I have done my best, tried to make your world a little safer, put it all on the line for you, worked almost every holiday I can remember and for what? To be treated like this. I'm tired of being kicked around. I'm outta here.

  10. I'm no expert on how property tax revenue works as it is collected by Cook County and then distributed throughout the area to fund parks, school, police, fire, and infrastructure, but consider this.

    The Cook County Board raised the sales tax 1% last year in order to raise additional revenue it says it needed to fund County hospitals and clinics. The Cook County Public Hospital & Health System is meeting this month to discuss their 2010 budget projections. They are expected to let go of 1800 employees in conjunction with requesting 20% less in subsidy from the County in their projection. Politics will take over and these numbers will come down somewhere in the middle.

    Now, why would the CCPHH System make this known now? Aren't we constantly told by elected officials that the system doesn't have enough money, workers, payments into the pension guarantees, etc?

    The CCPHH system pension fund still is still unfunded to the tune of 118 million dollars. This is funding that board deferred in order to produce a balanced budget that allocated additional revenue to adding staff and supporting existing clinics in the county with the sales tax increase.

    There's a huge hole here. All of the revenue that should be there to fund the county's obligations and the city's obligations is presently sitting in the 160 TIF accounts. However, now some of the funded services are expecting to reduce staff and reduce their subsidies. What's going on?

    Am I just missing an angle here?

    Where does the TIF money reside while sitting in these accounts? It should be deposited in local banks, correct? Is there a way to tell which local banks?