Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bob Dylan To Play Aragon October 29-31

via "Turn It Up" by Greg Kot


  1. IP,I should know better than to hit your links without turning my volume down.Yes the times are changing here.Now I'm going to play 'Idiot Wind' for for gits & shiggles.

  2. I saw Bob Dylan play at the Riviera April 17th 1994. Favorite concert of all time. I was just a kid.

  3. I've been searchin' the intertubas and apparently the Uptown riots have gotten some attention from The Big Black News Blog.

    Sometimes the Shilleristas want to claim the only people complaining about crime in Uptown are white and/or gay.

    Wanting a decent neighborhood is not a racial issue.

  4. October 31st, huh? Let's see, you could go as Early 60s Folkie Bob, Mid-60s Mod/Electric Bob, Bandaged-Up Motorcycle Crash Victim Bob, Early 70s Country Boy Bob, 80s Elder Rock & Roll Statesman Bob, Victoria's Secret Spokesperson Bob...yeah, it's gonna be one INTERESTING Halloween at always-interesting Uptown!!!

  5. Uptown girl can you score us some free tickets since you work in the Alderman's office?

  6. Chippie,

    When I think of the word "score" and Uptown girl I don't think about Dylan tickets.

    Just shows that you silly GOP's only focus on the near term.

  7. I went to the Aragon ticket site and they show nothing for the Bob Dylan concert on these dates. other groups are listed for the montrh of OCT. but nothing for Bob Dylan......

  8. Thanks for your sleuthing Barry.

    I always expect you to rain on the parade.

    You could darken my mood at a hooker convention paid for by Guinness distributing.

  9. Dylan? Heh--I'd pay that price just to get into an historic Uptown jewel such as l'Aragon!

  10. Now that would get attention is Dylan ended up in the middle of an Uptown riot. just kidding folks, really just kidding

  11. Pirate...ahh to be lonely. Some of us "GOPers" (Im Libertarian but might as well lump "non believers" in to a group) don't come to UU to "score" in that way. Most women find me extremely attractive..until I open my mouth and start talking.

    But seriously if you are looking, I saw this redheaded, one eyed ultra liberal woman on Match.Com today..I would so hook you up! Her turn ons are stale Sarah Palin Jokes, Guinness cologne, and people who use links in every other sentence.

    Thank you UU for allowing IP and me the friendly banter, it's all in good fun but just to be sure..Bob Dylan..there now it is on topic.

  12. IrishPirate..My email is always on when I am on yet yours like many hide behind what they write.......

  13. Chip-

    You like Bob Dylan? Weird.

    I don't get free tickets to shows. If I did, i'd wander down to Starbucks and look for you to invite you to the show. I'd recognize that baby face anywhere.

  14. Chippparooo,

    redhead with one eye? Rowr.

    Every crockpot needs a top. If you know what I mean?

    Come to me my wittle redheaded crockpot.


    if you ever complete a sentence and post that is not ful of gramatical erors and misspelings I might send you an email.

    Of course I might have to create an email in honor of your "avatar".

    How bout' ?

  15. Bob's cool, of course. But Lou Reed is more on the beam.
    Lou's songs (think of 'Street Hassle') oddly enough mimic the squalid contrasts in Uptown....

  16. Hey Barry,

    Here's a link with the info:

    For those of you interested in concerts at the Riv and Aragon, I'd recommend signing up for the mailing list at

    Really, I swear I don't work for them! I just LOVE concerts. Can't get enough. I'm not a big fan of Dylan. I think his voice sounds kinda like a billy goat (and Stevie Nicks' kindred spirit), but may still go so that I can see him in concert once in my lifetime.

    Flying Nun - agreed, the Aragon is a great space. Saw it for the first time when I saw Bloc Party there a few months place to hang out.

  17. You know I have wondered on a few occasions why someone that posts so often about his dislikes for the criminal element chose a criminal as his avatar. I probably will never know. Unless I send Barry an email, which is unlikely.

  18. Look IrishPirate, Your repeated snarky comments about republicans are getting very tiresome. I am a homeowner have lived in the 46th Ward for the past 15 years and come to this site on a daily basis to see how I can help promote the FIX Wilson Yard cause, and anything else I can do to help better our ward. I have printed off posters and distributed them throughout my neighborhood about not only, but also the Fix Wilson Yard petition, and I am 100 percent on board with getting an alderman in our Ward that actually cares about something other than her own self interests and pet projects. I am also a republican and I would appreciate if you would lay off the snide comments.

  19. Damn IP you should know by now them rethuglicans ain't got no sense...of humor...stay your process'.

  20. ACK,

    I've been censored. I made a suggestion to XTINE that we have a "wide stance" meeting at O'Hare and the blue meanies at UU don't let it through.

    I'm deeply hurt. Bordering on offended. I am offended. I am also offensive.


    if you don't like my comments don't read them.

    That's part of what freedom is.

    As for my take on Republicans, I'm also not happy with the left wing elements of the Democratic party.

    Give me the opportunity and I'm an equally opportunity "snarker".

    If my stupid and/or inane comments offend you then you have larger problems to worry about.

    Can't we just all get along?

  21. Not exactly the forum for name calling, but whatever. If it makes the two of you feel better, snark away. I plan to focus my energy on dumping Shiller.

  22. Xtine...Pirate is really harmless. Not a left wing radical like the folks who back Helen (Or Barack for the most part). He doesn't call you racist when you disagree, and doesn't refer to the Saul Alinsky playbook when loosing public opinion. He has a moderate case of Bush Derangement, and likes a good Palin Joke, hell he even likes the bad ones but that is ok.

    All that being said he is a powerful ally in the fight for a better Uptown. 70% of his jokes are pretty funny, and that is a good batting average in my book.

    Damn Pirate..I just stuck up for we need to hug it out now?

    Group Hug!

  23. Chippero,

    I don't do hugs.

    Now if Uptown Girl wanted to treat me like her punching bag I might do a hug.


    I promise not to badmouth Helen Shiller for 12 hours if you give me a hug.

    You up for that?

  24. OK, Chip. I will take your word for it and I agree, 70% is a pretty good average. As luck would have it, I must have only read the other 30% of IP's posts, but I am open minded. I hope he doesn't follow through on his threat not to badmouth Helen for 12 hours though. That is far too long and I seriously enjoy the fact regardless of where we all stand politically, we are united in our efforts to make the 46th Ward a better place by outing Shiller for the hack she is.