Monday, September 21, 2009

Pedal-By Shooting Tonight

Our friends with police scanners are reporting that there was a shooting at 4752 N Magnolia around 7pm. Witnesses report that a male was shot in the back by someone on a bicycle. The victim is alert and cooperating with the police. The shooter is described as a male black, skinny, 18-20 years old, wearing a green sweater. He fled the scene by cycling east on Lawrence.

Update: A few minutes later, shots were fired on Malden, again by a man on a bike. Witnesses are reporting he was wearing a grey hoodie. No one seems to be sure if it's the same person.

Remember, these are scanner reports and information is given hurriedly. Please leave an additional information in the comments.

We have to say, we're really sick of this repeated insanity. We wonder if the alderman's response will again be that "stuff happens" and that it's politically motivated. Because it's getting really scary out there, and we're sick of being told we're just over-reacting to the violence on our streets.

Update: The Chicago Tribune's "Breaking News" is reporting no one is in custody as of 8pm.

Update 2: Lake Effect News has an in-depth story: "Shooting At Lawrence and Magnolia," which includes "An Area 3 gang tactical officer said the shooting 'was not a random incident.'"

Update 3: CBS2 Coverage: Man Shot, Wounded In Heart Of Uptown and Chicago Sun-Times coverage: Gun toting bicyclist shoots man in Uptown


  1. Shooting was confirmed. Not much details as I walked over from the other battlefield (Sheridan area). Cops are all over the place!! Go get em CPD and thanks for your help!

  2. Another day, another shooting. It's not going to stop, it will only get worse. Much worse.

    Get out while you still have the chance, people.

  3. Sounds like the victim is a male in stable condition and being taken to Illinois Masonic. He was shot in the back just to the right of his spine.

    He was riding a bike with a pink fork that is well known to the local coppers as a bike that is usually ridden around the neighborhood by one Eric Austin a known banger who hangs out on Wilson between Sheridan and Broadway with two heavyset white females in red t-shirts.

    It sounds as though there are co-operating witnesses and that maybe the victim himself is co-operating which may be why he was afforded the favor of Illinois Masonic in stead of Weiss.

  4. Confirmed from the police - Someone was shot.
    I can promise you that if we all crawl under our will get worse.

  5. WTF I've been sitting on my porch all night and haven't heard a thing. Maybe that is why the fire truck just drove by....

  6. We need to get out of our homes and onto the streets!

  7. I hope the winter is the coldest yet to cool off all the gang activity. I doubt if there is a solution to these problems but all I know they have gotten worse and Shiller seems to be doing nothing to help make our streets safe and healthy. The residents should all go to her office and refuse to leave until she gives them some satisfaction.......

  8. I was the only witness... I saw the shooter run back behind the building, out again and onto a bike. He wore a dark hoodie, with the hood up, dark pants, hopped on a dark bike and peddled away heading east on Lawrence. I saw everything except the actual gun shot.

    I moved here a little under a year ago from out of state. I had a small budget and I work from home so I needed lots of space. I didn't realize that I would be compromising my sense of security for low rent. I can't afford to move anywhere and I'm terrified now to walk out of my building.

  9. Enough with this BS. Seriously, this is too much. People, what are we to do? I like the Guardian Angels idea, does that cost money? I think we should all alert the media as well.

  10. I want the Guardian Angels. While the CPD are great at their jobs, I now want some f'ing vigilante justice.

    I'm calling the Guardian Angels tomorrow. This has now truly affected my life--I'm afraid to be alone in my own house because I'm friggin scared of retribution for having cooperated with the police.

  11. The story is already listed in the "breaking news" section of the Chicago Tribune.

  12. As a former uptown resident living out in the peace and quiet of the burbs. The only noise I hear now are the walnuts faling on the roof,

  13. @ Resident. Why don't you get out. The rest of us are going to do whatever we can to turn this neighborhood around. So, tell Helen we said hello as you are probably one of her cronies.

  14. I was driving around the area about that time and noticed that ALL the known gangbangers were hanging out outside the Top Choice Mart at Wilson/Magnolia. I thought it was suspicious, but thought little about it at the time. Also noticed a significant police presence shortly thereafter.

  15. Is it naive to ask why Uptown doesn't have a neighborhood watch?
    The residents here do an outstanding job of looking out and keeping each other informed. And then there are the positive loitering events...
    I'm just wondering if something more regular might be beneficial, if enough people are willing to participate.

  16. It is nice that we have bangers that care about their carbon footprint. The use of bikes to attempt murder I am sure puts a big smile on Al Gore's face.

  17. Shiller got another 54 Million in TIF money. How about Uptown uses 4 million of that to hire a private security force for a few years....4 Million should cover the salary, health and 4 year retiree benefits of about 12-15 retired cops or similar. The same hot spots have the same activity all the time (we all know em, Sheridan/Lawrence, Leland/Malden, Magnolia/Malden/Lawrence, etc.) lets post em there and see what happens. Leave's Helen STILL with 50million for whatever she wants.

    I am joking but just dont understand why we cant get real about fighting crime like this especially when we know where it happens. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results. I feel thats just about right for Uptown....

    Another happy night for this family of a Mom and a Dad with 2 young children living a block away from a kid getting shot in the back.

  18. I have lived at malden and sunnyside for less than 2 months and am already counting down the months until we can get out of here. Walking down this street on the weekends, it looks almost like suburbia. Everyone outside with their kids and dogs. How completely misleading this is. I never dreamed I'd be living in a war zone and have to call 911 multiple times in the span of a month. it sickens me that these gang bangers are allowed to exist. and it angers me to no end that innocent people have to feel frightened and unsafe in their own homes!

  19. Private security, not a bad idea. For the last several nights there's been a "Kates Detective" car parked at the corner of Sunnyside and Magnolia and patrolling the Magnolia/Malden alley. Anyone know who hired them?

  20. Kate's Detectives were hired for the CHA housing at winthrop and winona to help deter the violence in that area. They are possibly trying to secure all their "trouble" buildings in the area.

    This had lead to PEACE and QUIET in that area.

    I'm just scared when they leave...

  21. we noticed the kates cars on the north corner of magnolia and sunnyside on afternoon last week. I'd be interested in knowing what that was all about.

  22. We tried a neighborhood watch in Clarendon Park last year. A lot of people showed up for the training, but not so many for the actual neighborhood patrols.

    Sadly, Shiller and her Shilleristas seem to be more dedicated to their cause than a lot of us condo owners.

    I think every night in every section of this ward should be a positive loitering event until this nonsense stops. There is no other way to take control of our neighborhoods unless we are dedicated and present on a daily basis.

  23. I've been home all day except for the 20 min I left my place to run some errands on my bike, only to come home to around 10+ squad cars out front. This shit is so out of control it's retarded. Been on this corner 2 years and other than the random drunks, traffic, homeless folks sitting around and roving bangers who yell instead of talk, it's been a fairly quiet corner. Not anymore!

    I've noticed more and more bangers on bicycles lately. The perfect way to close in on someone quickly, then ride off swiftly into the darkness. Not a good sign of things to come :(

    Like the Comedian once said, "It's all a fucking joke!" Society is truly lost. I honestly do not see how the gang problem that is destroying this city, let alone the country, can ever be solved. This social problem is so deeply and generationally rooted that it just seems too far gone to reverse. I hope someone can prove me wrong.

  24. I think, as someone noted, that some of that 'fish farm' money would best be used for a 'private security force' up here.
    Especially since Illinois Masonic seems to be the home away from home for some.

    Positive loitering is good. That, and a big flashlight and 911 on speed dial.

    "Red"......please don't be too discouraged.
    And "Resident"....I will not 'get out while I still have a chance'
    I've been on Malden for 18 years, and I have faith that things will improve, once a NEW publicly elected official up here has a clue.

  25. As a big fan of summer in the city, I hate to say how much I'm looking forward to winter.

    In addition to the shootings, my patience is running very thin with all the yelling and screaming at all hours on Magnolia over the past couple weeks. What is it with the decibel level of "conversations" on the street? What is the psychology of yelling at one another from two feet away (or, sometimes, just having a hissy fit as you walk down the street).

    How can this many people have utterly no respect for people that live around them? As an example, the other night, at 3 AM, there were 10-15 guys just hanging out over by the strip mall on Magnolia with two cars double parked, BLASTING music. It was nice to see that the police did come fairly quickly after my 911 call to break up their party.

    The general lack of respect (or acknowledgment) for the community-at-large is deeply irritating. Shootings are one violent aspect of this, but unfortunately, it doesn't stop there.

  26. The Guardian Angels or private security is the best way to go. Both will make citizen arrests and hold the law breakers for the police. The angels work in large groups and have the knnowledge to handle gangs and all other law breakers. Waiting for Shiller to do anything is nothing but a big joke. It`s your block and your place to live and it`s time you take the needed steps to live in a safe and healthy atmosphere. Enough is enough and you can make the difference.....

  27. Sorry for this being a little off topic but Sundance Channel is showing a 5-part documentary about Newark, NJ that addresses some of the issues people are thinking and talking about here.

    I haven't seen the documentary myself yet so I can't speak to how it treats various concerns but I thought it would be of interest to people reading the blog.

    Peace be with you Uptown!

    Brick City on Sundance Channel

  28. Once again! We need to ride the wave of press coverage and show up in front of H's office

  29. I remember back in the late 80’s early 90’s we met with the Guardian Angles. They wanted to help - they just didn’t have the man power. One of the leaders made a prophetic statement “without the political leadership – right now you (citizens) are trying to pull a Mac tuck by hand through the mud.”

    So then four block clubs (Buena Park, Clarendon Park, Lakeside and I think Sheridan Park) raised the money, worked with UCC to be the fiscal agent and hired a private security firm.
    Shiller called us vigilantes.

  30. Let's hire private security again - Our Alderman can call us whatever she wants...The people in this ward have extended the Olive Branch too many times. In her letter to the people, she asked for ideas. Here is one - SECURE THE NEIGHBORHOOD by whatever legal means work, including security. Helen said she didn't have the Magic Bullet - yet there seem to be plenty of bullets flying through the 46th of late.

    Once we can restore peace and start holding those who disrupt the quality of life here in Uptown, then every law abiding citizen that shares our community can enjoy it without having to worry (as much) about being accidentally shot in the back at 7PM while coming home from a busy day of contributing to society.

  31. Crime in Uptown is terrible, and is more pronounced on the north side because so much of it is so violent in nature.

    Our alderwoman has NOT worked to correct the problem. While a Target is being built, people are being shot nearly on the same block, houses are burgled (like mine), and mayhem ensues.

    I'm looking forward to the emergence of a challenger who will oust Alderman Shiller in the next election.

  32. 48 out of 50 states have either a concealed or open carry law. Wisconsin and Illinois do not. I refuse to believe that these people were carrying guns in public. That would be against the law!

  33. I totally agree with having private security patrolling the trouble areas. I do live around the Winona/Winthrop area and ever since Kates Security came out here, there has been a noticeable difference. However, when they're gone, those idiots come out again.

    Living4theNow, do you know how long Kates Security will be out there for?? Hopefully forever!!!

  34. Additional News Links about the shooting:

    CBS 2 News:

    Chicago Sun-Times:,w-uptown-bike-shooting-092209.article

  35. This morning there is/was a bike ditched in the bushes behind Uplift High School. I thought that was odd then I read this.

  36. From the Sun Times story:

    "Police said the man is 25 years old and he was not being cooperative with investigators and expected to survive."

    Pick your sides, people. Gangbangers are NOT going to be cooperative with Police, but good taxpayers who need and expect good service from whatever resources the police have available need to help them out.

    This type of comment, if true, reveals how challenging it is going to be to win this battle.

  37. Its very hard to have much sympathy for a victim "who is not cooperating."

    This lack of cooperation only keeps the bad guys out on the street.

  38. If you listen to the Run Helen Run videos, Helen puts the blame on the loss of funding for gang prevention. I wonder if she was referring to Cease Fire and the loss of their funding?

  39. In addition to everything discussed here, people need to remember to keep calling the police any time they see/hear anything and to keep submitting requests and concerns to the CPD and CAPS. Squeaky wheel everyone! CPD is not reading the blogs and the alderman isn't bugging them, so we need to.

  40. I contacted the Chicago chapter of the Guardian Angels regarding their presence in Uptown and here is the response:

    I've been reading a lot about the Uptown area. It's been like that for years. Not sure what we can do since we already had a head quarters on Wilson but lacked the community support. We need an office and support from the area and people to get involved. We can't just patrol once in a while and make a difference. We need to be on the location as much as possible. Also when we make arrest at times, people who are related to the criminals take the side of the criminals. People tell us we don't want you hear and the rest of the community does not support us. Get together with your neighbors and see if they would want us to stop by and talk about what we can and what you can do also.

    Here is a link to a video a student at De Paul did. Near the end you can see our old head quarters and a picture several years ago when we were there. 1218 w Wilson the building next to the fire house.

    Thank you
    Mike Fuentes

  41. Note how none of the media reports mention Shiller. Is that due to them knowing full well that it's a lost cause to communicate with her office?

    Regardless, let's peek in on Helen's curious statement from August:

    My office spends more time and resource fighting crime and violence than dealing with any other issue.

    Time/resources well spent, I'm sure.

    There have been a number of positive suggestions, and we are going to work on all of them.

    "Going to", huh?

    And it is incumbent upon us to do all we can to curb violence and to give our young people the future they deserve and crave.

    I'd assume, with a statement like this, Helen will be highly vocal on this particular shooting, very soon.

    Maybe she'll sponsor a session where she speaks to kids about how important it is to work with the police to locate and prosecute those who gun down others instead of teaching kids how to protect themselves to the detriment of the community at large.

    My staff and I will continue to work closely with the Chicago Police Department to prevent crime and violence

    In that case, job well done.

    We have no fewer than 25 educational, recreational and not for profit organizations that serve youth and families in our community. They will continue to get my support and advocacy.

    Yet, this victim was 23. How effectively have those no fewer than 25 organizations been working?

    Too many cooks working on the same broth, eh?

    I continue to believe that it is possible to maintain a truly diverse community that is safe for all its residents and my staff and I will continue work towards that goal on behalf of all of our residents.

    Yep. Keep doing what you're doing since it's been so damned effective.

    Is the violence Shiller's fault? Not directly, no.

    Is she doing all that she can to address this problem?

    Absolutely not.

  42. I'm with Dave - we all chip in and hire security to sit at the corners 24/7. Think of it like an neighborhood assessment. It's time.

  43. Sounds like the Guardian Angels experienced the same kind of treatment the CPD gets in Uptown. Let's bring them back - I think they'll get a lot more support now - even though we'll always have the bleeding heart Alderbeast and her crew calling us racist, classist... whatever, we're just sick of the violence.

    They need an office? I know of several empty storefronts at Wilson and Broadway - and Sheridan and Lawrence. Either would be a great spot to have them.

  44. @ Concerned.

    I hope you follow up with Mr. Fuentes and let him know that the neighborhood has changed and they are much more likely to get community support and assistance.

    How long ago did they have that space on Wilson? It must be over 10 years ago. At least, I don't remember that office being around when I moved here. There are a lot more concerned property owners here than there were 10+ years ago.

  45. JustWondering was wondering if Helen was was referring to Cease Fire and the loss of their funding in her media statements.


    I do believe that she was referring specifically to CeaseFire. I wonder if she has set up meetings with our state reps and senators to discuss reinstating their funding?

  46. There have been a number of positive suggestions, and we are going to work on all of them. Helen Shiller

    I wonder why no one from Helen's office goes to positive loitering events especially when the police speak so highly of their effectiveness? Maybe she'll go a month before the election.

  47. Would be nice if some of that TIF money would go to bringing in the Guardian Angels and giving them an office. That would make a lot of sense and would actually improve the farm and more parking should not be a priority for the TIF money to be spent. Guardian Angels would be a great use of OUR (the taxpayers) resources. I think we also need to reach out to the problem building managers as well as the law abiding residents in those buildings to get their support and show them that we are all in this together. How do we make CHA make their residents accountable? Meaning if you have a criminal record, have any ties to gangs whatsoever will not be given a place to stay and will not be allowed on CHA property. period. I'd hope this is a "rule" in place but it is clearly not being implemented.

  48. Ray:

    I did inform him that there seems to be more community support to end this nonsense in the past couple of years. I am willing to try and put something together, with a bit of help. I travel often so cannot always be around, but am willing to give it a go.

  49. I'd hope this is a "rule" in place but it is clearly not being implemented.

    Yeah, I think there is a rule like that for CHA housing (if a person living in your apartment is arrested/convicted of a crime, you are held responsible for the action too and are subject to eviction), but individual landlords set their own rules. YOu'd think that routine background checks, credit checks would knock out a slew of undesireable residents (how many of those thugs on the corners would pass either of those?), but the problem is it's not a uniform standard. A landlord can pretty much let anyone he wants live in his building. And in this economy, when an empty apartment means loss of income, they're going to give the place to anyone with a wad of cash in their hands. So some thug puts on a suit or a close approximation, plays it nice, looks at the apartment, tells the landlord it's just him and his girlfriend and their baby, the landlord sees the cash (probably always cash) and hands them the key. And the next thing you know there are three other people living there off the lease and a myriad of other people going in and out at all times. And other people get tired of the noise and the thugs and they move out and the landlord has to rent that place or lose money and so the next thug moves in until the entire building is some beat-up two story that no decent family would want to live in and the front door has a broken lock and is barely on the hinges and so on and so on.

    I guess what I'm thinking is that the community has to work with the landlords, not only to hold them accountible, but maybe go so far as to help them find decent tenants looking for a place to live. Maybe ask him to tighten up his screening process, find out what the laws are regarding background checks, etc. to determine who should be living there and who shouldn't.

  50. @Concerned,

    I too emailed the Guardian Angels this morning and got the exact same reply back. I think if we rally together and involve local business owners, perhaps we can get enough funding together to bring back the Guardian Angels?

    Something's got to change. We need to take action.

  51. id like to send this to Helen

  52. UPTOWN UPDATER Great video of the Gardian Angels. I think they would be really good around here. They would need our support and I am sure like I said before they could put a end to this gang and crime problem. If everyone pitched in their fair share they could be here to make our streets safe again. A office on wilson would be great. I would be willing to donate $100 toward the cause of having safe and healthy streets once again in Uptown. Security guards would not be as good as the Guardian Angels. They are the ones with a proven record of making areas safe and sound.....About time all of us get together to make it happen......

  53. I would also be willing to donate resources including time and money to this.

    I live just over the border (by half a block) in Schulter's ward, but a stop light isn't a guarantee of safety.

  54. I've said it before, but wouldn't it be smart if our Alderman took up residence, a mile or so south from her home, at Magnolia and Sunnyside (like Jane Byrne at Cabrini) to get a better feel for what's going on in HER ward?

  55. I absolutely do not condone violence, but living in Chicago all my life I can tell you that it's just the reality of living in the big city. You have to accept that and if you can't, go somewhere else.

  56. Roger, that's what Helen says. No, I won't tolerate low standards for this neighborhood. Those who want low standards should go elsewhere.

  57. Not enough community support for the Guardian Angels to stick around? Hmmm... I see their youtube videos have them on the CTA in Wicker Park, downtown, and in Lincoln Park but I think it's funny you don't see them on the south side, the west side or Uptown. Maybe we are just too rough of an area for them? A citizens arrest here and there where needed is one thing - an entire neighborhood that's overrun by violence is whole other thing.

  58. Maybe the owner of one of the vacant storefronts would donate a space for the Guardian Angels on a short-term basis. It could be a good investment for them, as businesses are more likely to move into safer neighborhoods, not to mention that an occupied space is less likely to be broken into or vandalized.

  59. Hey Roger, Roger - if the violence stops, are you going to leave the area because your "reality" is no longer real...?

  60. Nice work Roger. Now you can go collect your 'consulting' paycheck from Helen.

    Will this neighborhood ever be perfect? Maybe, maybe not. But we will not stop making an effort to improve the safety and liveability of Uptown despite the do-nothing attitude of our alderman.

    I, for one, would love to see the Guardian Angels patrolling the streets here.

    @ Concerned. Just let us know what we can do to support your efforts in getting them here.

  61. I have contacted Miguel again asking him for some dates and type of location we would need to secure for a meeting. Does anyone know of places that would be willing to host a meeting with the Guardian Angels? I would hope many people, at least on this blog, would attend, but I do not know how many. I will post any response I get. I am dedicated to moving this forward and appreciate others who are also willing.


  62. Just wait until the monstrosity is finished at Montrose and Bway!!!
    There will be a lot more violence in Uptown when other gang members move in who don't play nice with the P-Stones, Vice Lords and Gangster Diciples. Good times! Can't wait.

    King Richard II has been closing down the very projects his father built. The result is more violence popping up in areas that had no previous gang problems. The 5th generation of welfare receipiants begin to recruit gang members in their new secton 8 areas and schools, and bam, now you have new factions of gangs in all areas of the city. I bet there's no section 8 in his gated community at 14th and Michigan. Another great idea by the mayor.

  63. How much support for this idea do we really have? Is anyone interested or is it possible to start a chapter of the Guardian Angels?

    I found this on their website. Those that contacted Mike Fuentes did he mention this as a possibility. Since the time I moved to Uptown, saw my first shooting, drug deal, gang fight etc. (all in one month) and the lack of support I wondered if a community run police force would be possible.