Monday, September 21, 2009

Block Club Meeting Wednesday With Sen. Steans

Graceland/Wilson Neighbors & Magnolia Malden Neighbors are hosting a joint block club meeting on Wednesday, September 23, at 7 pm at Bridgeview Bank. State Senator Heather Steans is our guest speaker.

GWNA boundaries are Broadway to Beacon, Montrose to Wilson. MMN boundaries are Clifton to Malden, Wilson to Lawrence.

Please post the attached flier in building lobbies.


  1. She came to Buena Park's Block Club meeting last week and was terrific! Imagine, a publicly elected official who meets with constituents, answers their questions and treats them with respect.

    Interesting that she has far more constituents then Helen, but is more accessible and actually responds to their concerns in a timely fashion. She attended a public loitering event a few weeks ago in Uptown, sponsored a new State law to avoid another poor choice for the location of a day labor agency, and regularly meets with constituents who are concerned over public safety.

  2. If local government isn't responding, people need to attend this meeting and seek Sen. Steans' help in making Uptown safe again.

  3. Can anyone (Kathy Cook or Max Reising?) give a synopsis of what was discussed with Sen. Steans?

    Unfortunately I could not attend due to work.