Monday, September 21, 2009

Fencing Lessons

Good news! The entire alley-side fence of Broncho Billy playlot has been replaced and repaired.


  1. I was wondering why yesterday I saw some children no older than the age of 10-12 climbing and jumping the fence in the back.... I was thinking to myself "why don't they walk through the 10 foot hole a little further down?"

    No matter what you do, someone is gonna get hurt over there. I can't believe children are so lazy these days that they cant walk an extra 100 feet to use the actual entrance to a park. It's pretty disgusting.

  2. I will bet the same hole is cut by next week. I play basketball there often and they use hole to come in and out quickly between deals to meet cars and people in the ally. Sad to see these kids engaged in this activity especially at parks with even younger kids around. Even with 4-6 guys going to play b-ball, there are times we have to turn around given the crowd already present.

  3. JLVALUEPLAYER If you see them grab your phone and report them to 911. Its up to all the residents to care and try to make things here safe and healthy for all.........

  4. Unfortunately, I am afraid to bring my phone when I play since I would have to set it down somewhere. Somewhat of a "Catch-22" in this situation.

    But agreed, I call 311/911 whenever I see something and have my phone (Typically once a week).