Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WBEZ Segment On Chicago TIFs Today (8:45 A.M.)

At 8:45am today, WBEZ Radio 91.5FM will interview community organizer John Paul Jones on the subject of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) in Chicago. "The City of Chicago has over a $1 billion in TIF funds (over 160 separate accounts) in various banks. Many of these TIF dollars are not programmed annually, while many in the North and Near South/West districts remain very active. WBEZ will examine what makes TIF districts works and why some are more active than most." If you can't hear it live, check the website for a podcast.

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  1. Also - State Rep John Fritchey (11th district) will be discussing on-going property tax battles on FoxChicago at the same time.

    His press release on the matter, which does affect property owners in Uptown.

    Last night, I asked John if the abuse of TIFs will be discussed.

    His response:

    "Not in depth tomorrow, but it's on the agenda."

    I reminded him that property tax relief battles can't be won in Chicago until the abuse of TIFs is addressed and corrected.

    .. for what any of that is worth.