Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wilson El Gets Some Free Love

From "Going Public" columnist Tracy Swartz in today's Redeye:

"Red alert! "Going Public" has noticed an influx in the number of questions and e-mails about the Red Line, especially in the wake of the Wilson stop's landslide win in last month's Crust Station contest. "GP" checks out the Red state of affairs.

Extreme makeover, Wilson edition: After naming the Wilson stop the crustiest CTA station, "GP" got an e-mail from Mike Pavilon, president of Sungloss Marble Co., who said he twice offered the CTA a complimentary cleanup and a seal to help protect the granite facade on the Wilson entryway. Pavilon said the CTA didn't accept the offer."

But wait! There's a happy ending, especially for Crusty Wilson Red. Read all about it here.


  1. Hmm, when word gets out of Uptown about the conditions on the ground with the help of a wide angle view press, things can really start to move.

    How do we get people to tune into YouTube Channel 4600NClifton?

  2. My guess is that the CTA union forbids this kind of work from happening.

  3. Umm, I think the reason the service was turned down is because the building's facade is Terra Cotta, and not stone (though it is made to have that effect). I would hope the company had someone actually look at the building in person instead of relying on photos, it is quite obvious to notice this fact. So the service isn't needed.