Monday, August 10, 2009

Holy Health Violation, Batman!

We're betting that the House of Prayer is sending up petitions that the garbage trucks get there faster than the city inspector. Plagues of rats and roaches upon Winthrop, anyone?

Update: The reader who sent in this picture says it was gone within two hours of her call to 311 this afternoon. Since she's never seen Flood Brothers pick up in the late afternoon, she thinks maybe the city inspector really did come out and write up a ticket. In any case, the mess was cleared sometime between 4 and 6pm.


  1. Alley trash impromptu sculptures are nothing
    new up here.

    Some, in the alley-side Magnolia apartment building near me, routinely hurls loaded diapers, Pop-Eyes bags, and broken bottles towards the Malden side garage doors.

    I do call the building's office now and again, but I guess it's easier to open a window and let the trash fly.
    Things get a bit more civilized when school/winter arrives.

  2. What a mess. I drove through some areas of uptown behind some businesses and I seen more that looked this way. The building that has this mess is responsiable to get it under control to make it safe and healthy for all the residents. Call your city inspectors if you see this problem.......