Monday, August 10, 2009

Iconic Uptown Sign Gone

(thanks to sldownard at Flickr for the image)

When the scaffolding came down last week at the southeast corner of Clark and Lawrence, so did a little piece of Uptown's history: the "Ice Cream Parlor" sign from previous decades that had been half-converted into a marquee for El Quijote restaurant. Sad to see that signage that had welcomed Uptowners for generations is now gone (although we like the new signs and awnings for the current tenant, Lindo Guadalajara). Anyone know the origins and/or restaurant the "Ice Cream Parlor" sign first hawked?


  1. That makes me sad. One of my reasons for moving to Uptown was to live by these nostalgic icons.

  2. Yes, UU I lived across the street from that building at 1512 W. Lawrence which is also now gone from 1960 thru 1969. The Kinetic playground years as I call them. The Ice cream parlor was actually named CORTs, then Mr.Rodriguez whose daughter is still a friend bought it in the 70s. Me and my fellow Our Lady of Lourdes cohorts would frequent that parlor for Icy mugs of Root Beer and the proverbial floats that went with them. I can almost picture it today. Sad, but inevitable. There was also a candy store on the Northwest corner and diner where the shoe store is today.

  3. Too bad. When I drive by it always drew my attention. Seems everything is starting to fade away.......

  4. Those signs sure were attention getting, but I think the building looks much better now.

  5. The signs were cool and nostalgic, but the building definitely looks cleaner and more attractive now, IMHO.

  6. Major improvement. Looks much better.

  7. When I first passed by this building in the early 1980s the sign above "Ice Cream Parlor" said "Sugar Bowl." Was this restaurant known as the Sugar Bowl all its life until the current owners took over?

  8. The "Sugar Bowl" sign disappeared sometimes around 93 or 94.

    It just faaaaaaaaded away.

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    Barry reminds me of the "Glum" character in the old cartoon "The Adventures of Gulliver". Go to 5:28 to hear the classic line "It's hopeless". Which is a variation of "We're doomed" the character was famous for. Herb Vigram,the voice actor, did his best to channel Walter Matthau during this series.

  9. Looks much better. I had no desire to eat anything in that building because the signage was so run down and dirty, and the building too...made me question the conditions of their kitchen.

  10. Uptown Girl,

    I no longer wish to be known as IrishPirate. From now on my name is "Lady Diana" and I'm a trooker.

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    "Too bad. When I drove by the trookers always drew my attention. Seems the trookers have faded away and this new trooker can't hold a candle to the old trookers."