Sunday, August 16, 2009

Signs For Monday's "Peaceful Protest"

A reader sent in the idea to the left for a sign for Monday's Peaceful Protest outside Truman at 6pm. If you want to print it out, click here for a PDF.

Other signage ideas: Sadly, the signs for the Anti-Violence Rally outside Ald. Shiller's office in June 2008 are still timely. That rally was precipitated by the murder of Truman student Francis Oduro Jr, right across the street from the alderman's office.

Sadder still, Ald. Shiller has never yet publicly commented on that murder. Nor the murder of Timothy Pittman, just a few blocks away, in September 2008. Nor the shooting of an innocent bystander across the street from her office on Christmas Day 2008. Nor the "pedal-by" shooting just a block from her office last April.

Those signs can be accessed by clicking here. "Every Uptown Resident Deserves To Live In A Safe Neighborhood." "We Will Not Let Violent Crime Take Over Our Community." "Alderman Shiller: We All Deserve To Be Safe." And more.

Be there Monday. Tell your neighbors and friends.


  1. The milk carton idea is great.

    This is less great
    , but I like it.

  2. Just a heads up for tonight:

    We will meet when the Olympic meeting is starting.

    Helen is, I'm sure, aware of our presence. We will be kind enough to let her fulfill her commitment to the Olympic meeting and then see if she will address the newest crop of gang-related violence in our ward.

    If she does - fantastic.

    Let's converse with her in a civil and open minded manner. Should she decay into the political speak, politely ask her to go back on point.

    Despite what she may say, this is not such a complicated issue that a long-winded stem-winder of a response is warranted.

    She should know (since I know she's reading this), that we will be holding her accountable for anything that she says.

    If she doesn't speak with us, then we'll have definitive proof that her concerns lay elsewhere and she will have proven herself politically irrelevant.

    It's that simple.

    Also - since there is a good chance that her supporters will be present, don't take the bait.

    If you feel the need to raise your voice - simply leave.

    If you notice someone getting into a heated argument, pull them aside until they calm down.

    The minute you get angry is the minute we all loose the argument.

    If you are with the group, you are part of the group and your actions reflect upon all of us.

    Short version: behave yourselves.

    People will try to bait us into non-nonsensical, distracting arguments in order to belittle the cause.

    Don't do it. Don't engage.

    Tell them that you are here to speak with the alderman, only.

    At worst, tell them that you respectfully disagree with their argument, and you'd be happy to discuss their issues further, but at a different venue.

    Be civil.

    Be respectful.

    Remember: Helen has the right to her opinion, and while it may be hilarious to interrupt her, or to shout her down, that's disrespectful and unacceptable.

    We already own the moral high ground. Don't give it up by being a d**k.

  3. In other words, DO NOT be like those health-care "activists!"

  4. Yo very well said! I think you just discussed Helen's game plan for the past 10 years. Deny and ignore the issue until people give up and go away or become so frustrated they lash out in anger, so you have an excuse to ignore them in the future. Please do not give in to these feelings. Certainly you have every right to them, Helen is difficult to work with. The residents of the 46th are not alone feeling this way. Many many many other city employees dislike her and her way of doing things. But as was said this is not about her so much as it is about our need for safety on our streets and asking her how is she going to help us with that goal.

  5. there were 6 squad cars, a fire truck and a police near forensics van on Leland east of Sheridan near the uplift park a half hour ago. Anyone have any info?

  6. Her past argument for no involvement has always been that it's a police matter and she leaves it up to them to address those kinds of issues. She will shrug her shoulders and insist that it's out of her hands.

    We want her to make a commitment to attend CAPS meetings on a regular basis. Once there, we can hold her feet to the fire about what she can do to make Uptown safer.

    If we are rude, the press will become dismissive of us. Yo is right. It must be as respectful as possible. Let Helen make a fool of herself so that the press will target her rather than us.

    Also be prepared that some of her supporters will arrive portraying themselves as racist bigots to make the crowd look bad. A couple of posters that proclaim safety for everyone regardless of race, color, creed, or income level will help.

  7. If you're bringing a sign, bring an extension post so you can raise it higher than any of the other sides signs. If they have any they will actually try to use their signs to obstruct yours.

  8. UU you said:
    Outside of Truman College. 2016 Bid Committee Town Hall. Polite. Civil. No chants or songs, just signs and people. Public safety is more important than any legacy project.

    UU who decided not to promote chanting? I respectfully disagree. If you want news coverage – you have to make some noise. The news media has little interest in filming people standing with signs in silence. This will NOT make it on the air.
    When we rallied in front of the Alderman’s office, people were standing around asking what should we do and poor Mark Zipperer had to start making up chants off the top of his head and he ran out fast. I know Mark did it out of the kindness of his heart and had nothing to do with the organization of the march. I would suggest someone have some ready for tonight so we’re not floundering in front of the cameras.

  9. The media's already on board. ABC7 has been driving around the area all morning.

    With all due respect, the 60's are over, let 'em die.

    No chants.

  10. I say this out of love, but...

    If Helen is reading today, she is probably laughing her arse off about this community's way of organizing a protest.

    Seriously, though, what is so remarkable about what Uptown has been doing lately is that it has managed to become a "disorganization" for change. There's some leaders, sort of, but its not like everybody there tonight will even know each other. Yet they all will have been persuaded to be there. And all this stuff is planned "open source." Its truly remarkable. If you're old school it is probably hilarious to watch but it would be unwise to take the disorganization as a sign of weakness.

  11. The fact that an otherwise "disorganized" collection of people can come together towards one cause, and speak with one voice is a testament of natural strength, not weakness.

    The fact that the media is interested in this, and roaming about interviewing people, is further proof that the cause is just.

    And, the fact that this can be planned in full view is a testament that transparency can work.

    If you're old school, you may very well look to the anti-war protests and see how effective those were (ie - not).

    The Romans discounted the barbarians, too.

  12. The fun in all of this is that Helen is having a more difficult time rousing her troups. Some will be there but they know they will be clearly outnumbered. It may intimdiate them all together to stay away, but desperate people sometimes do desperate things.

    A note to COURAJ who reads this: No new name for your organization is going to revive you. Give it up. You made this a win-lose situation and now you are clearly losing. This video was the final blow. You can make this less painful by just packing up and moving to Rogers Park.

  13. Uptown lady. You are so correct. Playing nicey nice! What has it gotten us? Not even returned calls. "After all, sister, this insn't your college campus!"

  14. Gotta admit it...LOVE the milkcarton idea

  15. Nicey is nice is the way to play this.

    Everyone relax.

    we're giving Helen the opportunity to address the issue of violence as she leaves the Olympic meeting.

    We want to hear what she has to say, and if she's willing to take questions, we have some prepared.

    Put your frustrations and anger away for the evening.

    The media will be there, so we'll have her on record - either way.

    Is that not an improvement over previous experiences?

  16. My guess is Shiller enters/exits Truman through the side entrance (McJunkin building side). If she actually comes in/out the front door through a crowd of people, I would be shocked.

    I'll still be there though.

  17. If she ducks, her loss.

    FYI - ABC7 ran the story as lead, but seems they got some details wrong.

    Reminder: this is not planned to take over the Olympic meeting.

    We are waiting for her to leave.

    Do not bring this into the Olympic meeting.