Monday, August 17, 2009

More Violence At Leland/Sheridan Friday

CBS Chicago is putting the pieces together...

"Man Arrested In Another Uptown Street Fight: Neighbors Complained About Street Fights Most Days Last Week. A North Side man was arrested after what police called a gang riot erupted in the Uptown neighborhood Friday night, leaving a Chicago Police officer injured in an incident captured by a video camera from a nearby balcony. [...] At 9pm Friday at the intersection of Leland Avenue and Sheridan Road, a fight erupted between rival gangs and about 35 people began throwing rocks, bottles and sticks at each other in a gang riot..." Read all about it here.


  1. The article did a good job of capturing the chaos going on. To someone unfamiliar with the situation, it must sound horrific. Well, even to people who are familiar with it I guess it is still horrific.

  2. Hmm.

    At the time, police told CBS 2 that the incident was not described as gang-related in the police report. Police seem to point the finger at the large number of homeless young men who live in the area and are having conflicts.

    But someone shouts gang names on the Wednesday night tape, and police told the STNG Wire that the Friday incident involved rival gangs.

    Tell me more media attention isn't the sole factor in the CPD changing its tune.

  3. What the hell is going on with all the people in charge of our ward. They seem not to care about the safety and health of the residents and their children that have to be victimized almost everyday with thier negligence to provide safety and healthy conditions for us to live in.....