Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Scholar Examines Chicago's Public Housing

Read all about it at Chi-Town Daily News


  1. Oh, if only the powers-that-be back in the 1940s and 50s would have listened to Chicago's Very Own Elizabeth Wood, and New York's Jane "Death and Life of American Cities" Jacobs! So much pain, waste and general dysfunction could have been avoided if Wood and Jacobs' theories on how to house the poor would have been listened to. But of course, they were only women, and these buidings were only for society's outcasts...

  2. Wow, and Shiller wonders why we are so against WY?

    Let's see, a proven failed housing model.

  3. Great article! Yet another scholar who agrees that projects like Wilson Yard don't help anyone including the people who live in the "Yard" (ie Project).

  4. I sort of know this guy. He was doing reasearch and searching our files when I worked at CHA and I was assigned to help him. Interesting that he's still on the case.

  5. Mr. Hunt's evidence of public housing failures is the number one reason I oppose every aspect of the Chicago Democratic Machine. You just can't trust it. Even when you make deals with it, they'll burn you. They have to. They'll move one dollar from your deal to another deal.

    I checked out Hunt's record in Congress. Turns out he worked for one of the few honest members of Congress, Mark Neumann of Wisconsin. He's a GOPer that got himself kicked off the appropriations committee because he wrote his own balanced budget and refused to participate in pork barrel spending.

    I'm begging for more balanced budget caucuses to form, not only in the House and Senate, but also in our City Council. Financial sleight of hand allows elected officials to dodge these responsibilities.