Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome To The Neighborhood, Chava

A reader sends in the following pic and info:
"I noticed a new sign up advertising "Chava...a cafe" at Clark and Leland in the development there on the corner. I peeked inside and the interior is very modern and funky. They are painting a mural with trees on one of the walls. Should be a great addition to the hood. I also stopped by "Fame da Lupo" just east of Carol's Pub and they have gotten a lot done. They also have a menu in the window so you can get a preview of what will be available. It looks yummy."


  1. Welcome to the neighborhood! I wish you much success and hope that you will be good neighbors.

  2. I'm really happy about this. When I spoke with the guys doing the labor they said it'd be a coffee house with gourmet sandwiches. They are doing an excellent job with the interior. I hope they have WiFi.

  3. The cafe has a machine called a Clover, which is a high-end single brew machine. I have a feeling this place will be cool.

  4. I live right across the street from both of these places. I'm excited for a coffee place that isn't Starbucks and is on my way to work. Sadly though, I'm moving out of the neighborhood in October!

  5. The ladies at the dry-cleaning store in that building said it was going to be a combination of sushi bar and coffee house.

  6. I saw another round of this when I rounded the corner from Leland to Sheridan today around 11am.

    I had my cell phone out to call the police and they were already there dispersing the crowd.

    Next time, I am going to shout.. We are calling the police NOW!

    Rather than blame the police, call them every time you see something like this occurring.

    This happened a couple of months ago, I called and they were there in 2 minutes... don't believe they don't care about it.

    The streets were full of people going about their business and then these children decided to fight at 11 in the morning..

    Call The Cops... I work in the neighborhood and I call them when I see any fighting breaking out.

    Will keep an eye on this tomorrow...

  7. We saw the menu board inside and it it looked to be a sandwich/salad cafe. Unique menu options. HOOORAY for a non bootie clothing store on Clark!

  8. the soon-to-be restaurant next to this soon-to-be coffee shop indeed looks like it will be an upscale-ish sushi place.

  9. Thanks Chava! Feb 22, 2010 post