Friday, August 28, 2009

Positive Loitering Tonight

Take a flashlight, take some friends, and take back your neighborhood. Maybe a riot isn't that big a deal to Ald. Shiller, but ... it is to those of us who live here and love our community. See ya tonight! (A reader spoke to the folks at Mickey D's, and parking in the lot is allowed.)


  1. Well at least these two idiots won't be around to "loiter" tonight.

    From the 4600 block of Beacon?

    Where oh where could these two live?

  2. Really great turnout tonight! Thank you to everyone for coming!

  3. Nice job to everyone that came out tonight. I was pleasantly surprised as to how many people showed.

    It was interesting to talk to people walking past inquiring about what we were doing there. Also interesting was one man who praised our efforts, but had been here so long that he had the mindset that this is the way it's always been, this has been done before, and previous attempts have shown little change. "this time won't be any different."

    I hope that continued presence such as tonight will start to create change in the minds of those that have just renounced to the idea of "it is what it is" & and "what can anyone do?"

    A great start to the "what" was shown tonight by "US"...the "anyone's".

    Again, I thank those that came out, and especially those who put the effort forth to organize this event.


    P.S. Thunder appreciated all the extra attention. Spoiled hound...

  4. No one from Shiller's office made an appearance.

    Unless you count her buds at JPUSA.