Friday, August 28, 2009

Positive Loitering : Be A Hero

Thanks to a reader for the photos of the positive loitering. Click for larger versions.

In case anyone still thinks positive loitering is simply a symbolic gesture, a few reminders that it's really vital for residents who want safety to be out and about:

- Uptown Men Charged For String of Robberies (Lake Effect News)

- From the comments: "My roommate and I were driving to the dog park at about 4:45 this afternoon when we witnessed the start of more fighting on the corner of Lawrence and Sheridan. A bike had been thrown into the street, at least one person had a bat in hand, and there was a lot of swearing going on. I immediately called 911 as we quickly turned the car around. Luckily I was able to wave down a police car on Leland. What is it going to take to get that area cleaned up?"

Put out the Bat-signal! Everday super-heroes are needed to walk the dog, weed the lawn, hang out in front of your house, and make your presence known on Uptown's streets. That's how we take them back - be there more than the thugs are, and call the cops when you see trouble.


  1. I just rode my tandem bike by the event. They were at Lawrence and Sheridan at that point.

    Lotsa people. Lotsa dogs. One big hairy dog.......looked more like a dogsquatch than canine.

    Didn't see any TV coverage or local pols, but I might have missed it.

    I yelled "Vive La Resistance" as Angelina and I rode by. I'm afraid she has bad news for Brad.

    She digs me, my tandem bike and the Pith helmet I like to wear.

    Nice going folks. I was glad to see a big crowd. It's midnight now and they are likely still out there if this gets posted quickly.

  2. Heather Steans was there with her husband. Also the commander, and the owner of McDonalds. Maybe some other folks of note, but lots and lots of neighbors. Great fun, social time, lots of thumbs up from the folks driving and walking by.

    Hats off to those who organized it and who cared to come out at midnight.

  3. I wonder if a representative from Helen's office was there?

  4. I hope this type of activity spirals out of control in Uptown.

  5. This is a very serious situation. Posting little monologues and jokes to gain attention is making a complete mockery of it.

  6. Resident,

    take your medication now.

    Also get off your pompous chair.

    I did actually ride by the event. It was a nice gathering.

    Angelina agreed.

    The world we live in can be a very nasty place sometimes. Humor is necessary.

    You don't have to agree. You don't even have to find me funny.

    My suggestion is when you see me post something don't read it.

  7. . You don't even have to find me funny.


  8. Yo,

    I have a note of that comment.

    You're now on my enemies list.

  9. Wow. Look at the photos.

    Older people, younger people, white people, black people, Asian people, JPUSA people, folks on bikes, folks with dogs, folks on foot... all concerned about violence in Uptown.

    Not a racial issue. Not a polarization issue. Just neighbors who love Uptown and want it to be safe.

  10. Irish Pirate - I think your comments are a riot and I make sure to read every one so don't attention to Resident. He/she is just crabby from trying to avoid mid-afternoon gunfire.

  11. I was at the event, and there was a great crowd there. Many of the people leaving the Nine Inch Nails concert expressed gratitude for us being there. Lots of passersby thanked us for our efforts and said it was good that we were taking back the streets. It was well worth the time we spent out on the street. We need more of these.