Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Positive Loitering Event Friday, August 28

Bring your dogs, bring your significant other, bring your enthusiasm! Show up to demonstrate your belief that our streets belong to those of us who want a safe and healthy neighborhood. Please take a flashlight with you for the walk. (click on the poster for a larger size, and please distribute to your neighbors.)


  1. Honey may make an appearance. She may even get gussied up in her Uptown Update t-shirt. It depends on if CAPS will meet the stipulations of her contract: flat Perrier water, a bowl full of only orange Reeses Pieces and her own massage therapist.

    She's a diva like that.

  2. I wonder who from Alderman Shiller's Office will be there?

  3. I wonder who from Alderman Shiller's Office will be there?

    I like how you immediately dismissed the possibility that Shiller herself might show up...go straight to "someone from her office". Good one.

  4. Sounds like fun and also sounds like a very positive move to those who want a safe and healthy neighborhood. Can we also bring a bat and pepper-spray......

  5. Umm, Barry, that would be assault. We're not the bad guys here.

    Also, I think walking with a bunch of fully armed officers might be safe enough! Hope to see you there.

  6. Boys and girls,

    Ladies and gents,

    That member of the vast right wing conspiracy from Rogers Park is using Shiller's troubles as a money making opportunity.


    Now Mannis is entitled to his right wing opinions and love for "tea party" politics, but this is UPTOWN. The only tea party around here is likely to involve Tea Bagging. It's unlikely any Republicans would show up because they would be too busy in airport bathrooms and sleeping with their friend's wives to find Uptown.

    Nope, if there is money to be made for a cause let it be our cause. The cause of righteousness and justice. The cause of decent retail and less crime. The cause of children of all colors feeling safe to go to the playground.
    Perhaps it's time to add to the Uptown Update clothing for sale catalog. Something like this except with better quality would work.

    I'm sure those of you with real graphic talent have some other ideas. How bout' "Helen's Last Stand"?

    Or my favorite WWIPD

    What Would IrishPirate Do?

    Join us in the great Uptown conspiracy.

    Fight back. Shiller's days as an officeholder are numbered. She may not know it yet, but we do and certain other elected officials smell the blood in the water.

    Join us now so that one day when others sit in bars and speak of the Battle of Uptown you can say "I was one of the happy few".

    Although, when I look at the UU friends on Facebook link I realize that "few" may no longer be the correct word.

  7. Laughing myu ass off at the thought of walking around seeing someone in a What Would Irish Pirate Do T-shirt.

    Too good for words if I saw that person they would drink on me that night

  8. Just for the record - I'm not a fan of the Jokerization of Helen

    ...or is it the Helenization of the Joker?

    Either way, it's in poor taste.

    That, and the real money is in blunting Helen's curious and unethical grabs into the TIF money pot.

    Penny save, penny earned and all of that.

  9. I'll volunteer to "represent" Shiller's Office at the event.

  10. I don't want to walk to Wilson and Sheridan at that time of the night can we park in the McDonalds parking lot without getting towed?

  11. I will check with the home office to make sure parking is allowed. Stay tuned..........

  12. Ken - if in doubt, buy a fountain pop. I don't see frequent towing out of that lot at all.

  13. There should be street parking very close by.

  14. I guess I just assumed this, but did someone tell McDonalds that we're taking over their parking lot? I mean, its private property so we should have a pre-approved OK from the property owner.

  15. This is being organized by CAPS and CPD told us about the event at the meeting, so I would hope it's okay with McD's.

    Ken, it's okay to park on Winthrop, south of Lawrence to Kenmore. Leland is also okay from Winthrop to past Sheridan. Don't park on Kenmore -that's permit parking after 6 pm. Hope that helps.

  16. There's also the low priced and secure parking garage on Clarendon between Leland and Eastwood.

  17. Excellent Idea! Kudos to whomever thought of this!

  18. marathonman1977.
    Thanks for the heads up parking on Winthrop - there is already too many non-residents that park there making it impossible for those that live there to have a place to park. Another Shiller stunt to have Kenmore permit and Winthrop not permit. So the trash this rally is against will still have a place to park.

  19. John, that's not a Shiller trick at all. When the blocks decided to get signatures, Kenmore residents asked for parking restrictions that didn't include Winthrop. There are still some hard feelings about it from the folks on Winthrop. It was the neighbors' choice, not Shiller's.

  20. Parking is available at the McDonald's lot. There is very little car traffic at that time. Bring a friend, bring a dog, bring a friend's dog!

    Just be there or be square!