Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Experience Uptown! September 10 - 13

It's time again to Experience Uptown! This annual event is hosted by WAMA (Wilson Area Merchants Association) and takes place for four days this year: September 10th through 13th. Nearly 40 local merchants are participating. Buy a wristband for $10, and get discounts during those four days at places like Fat Cat, Fresh Harvest Market, Crew, Body Fit Athletic Club and more, more, more. Click on the images above to see the entire list of merchants and where to get your wristbands.


  1. Can someone help me...
    How does one buy wristbands online? When I navigate to the WAMA page I don't see a link or anything at all about Experience Uptown.

  2. We suggest buying wristbands at one of the businesses listed on the card until the WAMA page is updated.

  3. This is a great deal! I did it last year and it's great!

  4. Sounds like a pub/food crawl just waiting to happen.

    - Meet at Kahawa for a coffee (46th)

    - over to Golden Pancake for breakfast (46th)

    - stop by Unique So Chique for one last visit before they close (46th)

    - Driftwood for a few (46th)

    - Agami for a few more and some King Kong rolls (48th)

    - Crew (48th)

    - Wild Pug (48th)

    - Annoyance (48th)

    - Fat Cat (48th)

    I know there are other establishments which are in the 46th, but those names still appear on a certain someone's D2's, so ...

    Anyway, who's in?

  5. Oops, Golden Pancake is 48th. My bad

  6. I think you were right the first time, Yo. Golden House is in the 46th Ward. The map is deceiving (like a lot of things in Uptown).

  7. I wonder how many stores will be around next year for this experience after Target opens. We owe it all to Helen Shiller. Thanks alot!!!!!!!

  8. Anyone know why Iyanze isn't on the list?

  9. Dear T,

    They are not on the list because they did not respond to several of our requests to be part of the event. The same applies for many other businesses. Some businesses were not even approached unfortunately due to time constraints with printing.

    We are still trying to get businesses to participate and will add them to the online list if they choose to do so. As a small group of board members, we did our best to reach out to everyone and get them to participate. We went door to door, sent emails and faxes and made several calls. Many businesses from which we never got a reply. We understand if businesses choose not to participate. We cannot force them to do so. Hopefully next year!!

    Robert Davis