Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Biting The Hand That Pays Them:
What Our "Public Servants" Are Saying

We already knew about these...

And now thanks to CBS2, we know the newest catchphrase that Ald. Shiller's staff use for the taxpayers who make their jobs possible...

(UU explained a couple years ago what a "Bad Apple" really is. Click here.)

We have to wonder if the apples, grapes and nuts will end up having the last laugh.


  1. California was always known as the land of the fruits and nuts, but I believe Uptown is quickly making headway in assuming the title.

  2. I beleive the comment was that people who say Shiller lives outside the ward are nuts. It does sound like the 'Obama was born in Kenya' arguement.

  3. Context being that a staffer called those who inquired about Helen's true address "nuts".

    I agree that particular questions may be a bit much ("truthers" and "birthers", ..., now we have "homers").

    Still, those in public office, or representing those in public office, owe their constituents a simple answer to the question, on record.

    Not insults.

    So, while those "homers" may in fact be "nuts" - it's not up to the alderman's office to make such a claim - and simply goes to augment the arguments of Helen's detractors of the callousness of her and her office.

    Another idiotic move by the 46th ward office.

  4. Heaven forbid we hav an honest politician!! ;-)

  5. If you look at the Ward map, Helen left one little sliver of the ward that stretches up into Andersonville. Helen lives at the end of that sliver.

    The "homers" get their argument from the fact that all the homes on Helen's street are marketed as being in Andersonville.

    So while she does live in the 46th ward, she doesn't live in Uptown.

    There was a hole topic on this once before if someone can find it.

  6. Helen has a address in the ward but stays in another ward with her significant other from what I heard.

  7. As I understand it she has an address in the ward, far north in the sliver that goes into Andersonville. The question that the CBS 2 reporter was asking is does she live full time at that address. In a report last week someone at that address expressed she does not. I am wondering if her neighbors ever see the Alderman coming or going from her "home." My guess is that they do not and have not in some time! I wonder if this will be followed up on?

  8. Public records list her address as: 1248 W Carmen Avenue, Unit 1. Brendan Shiller has been listed as an occupant at this location. A man named Salvatore Toiais listed as Owner #2 (Tenants in Common). Toia Salvatore is listed as owner of more than 40 properties in Illinois. He is also listed as an owner of certain Leona's Pizza locations.

    Toia is listed as a contributor to Shiller and is also listed as receiving payments in relation to her her campaign.

    It was financed through North Community Bank, who has been a contributor to Shiller.

    She also has a "household" listed at 4544 N BROADWAY ST, CHICAGO, IL 60640-5602.

  9. So if Brendan Shiller lives at 1248 Carmen, then who is living at the TPC Chicago, LLC location on 5110 Glenwood?

  10. She also has a "household" listed at 4544 N BROADWAY ST, CHICAGO, IL 60640-5602.

    Isn't that her office?

    This is what white pages lists:

    3 Results

    1. Name
    2. Location
    3. Age
    4. Helpful Info

    Helen Shiller

    1. 5533 N Broadway St
    2. Chicago, IL
    4. Job: City of Chicago


    No cell phone or text messaging available for this listing No email available for this listing You can contact this person by phone

    Helen Shiller

    1. 4544 N Broadway St
    2. Chicago, IL
    4. Job: City of Chicago, Pl...


    This is a member listing No cell phone or text messaging available for this listing No email available for this listing You can contact this person by phone

    Helen R Shiller

    1. 1248 W Carmen Ave, Apt 1
    2. Chicago, IL
    3. 60-64
    4. Household: Brendan D ...


    No cell phone or text messaging available for this listing No email available for this listing You can contact this person by phone

  11. When I run her through Intelius I come up with the following addresses tied to her name:
    1136 W. Montrose

    1354 Carmen

    1316 W. Montrose.

  12. I think she dates the Leona's Pizza guy maybe we should boycott Leona's.

  13. If I remember correctly, 1316 W Montrose was her old ward office. Right next to the Paris Dance lesbian club's parking lot, marked with a graffiti side wall.

    She'll be the first to tell you how gentrification forced her to move, as there are condos there now.

  14. It was her idea so I think she should move into the WilsonYard Projects to show how nice and safe it will be to live there. She could even walk to work....

  15. 1136 Montrose would have been the old ward office. Which was located next to the Paris Dance lesbian nightclub. Now that is the five or six story red brick highrise at 1100 Montrose.

    As for the 1316 Montrose address perhaps she lived there for a time. At one point I believe she lived on one of the streets just west of Clifton and north of Montrose. I forget which one.

    Many a former girlfriend of mine began going to Paris Dance after they realized what pigs men really are. Or at least me.

    Oink oink.

    1248 Carmen is a 4 unit apartment building that she and Toia co own.

    She lives in one of the units. As for the idea that St. Helen doesn't live there I think that's a wee bit much.

    Now I could be wrong, but it strikes me as unlikely that she would be stupid enough to live outside the ward. That could cost her the Alderman's job, pension and perhaps open her to criminal charges.

    There was a State Rep on da South Side who was criminally charged with living outside her district. I'm not sure what the potential criminal liability is for living outside a city council boundary while representing that ward.

    You'll notice with the rumors that no neighbor of hers ever speaks up and says she doesn't live there.

    She must have at least a few neighbors that dislike her.

    Nope, I think the "homerism" is likely just rumor. Shiller brings out the worst in people.

    I guess I could set up a camera focusing on the Carmen driveway and front door for a few weeks. Perhaps Shiller will pull up and the wind will cause President Obama's birth certificate to blow out of her hand.

    I fully expect that if I walk by the Carmen address tonight that city crews will be searching the trees on the parkway for recording devices.

    I do so love taunting the Shilleristas. My old buddy, FGFM, may even be up in a tree tonight looking for cameras. Perhaps Shiller's campaign fund can even pay him for "consulting" whilst climbing from tree to tree.

    As an aside, when construction began at 1100 Montrose Shiller for a time refused to vacate her office at that location and the developer had to demolish part of the building around her.

    It was all rather amusing.

  16. I walk by Shiller's place on Carmen a lot ... it's a trash heap compared to the other properties on her block. The front of the house looks like it hasn't been power washed in years. The lawn is scrappy.