Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monday "Peaceful Protest" At Truman

From the comments:
"If Helen won't speak to us, or take any action beyond hiding from questions, it's time we took the questions to her. And do so in an environment where we know we'll have her ear, and the media's.

And the mayor's.

Tomorrow night. 6pm

Outside of Truman College. 2016 Bid Committee Town Hall. Polite. Civil. No chants or songs, just signs and people. Public safety is more important than any legacy project.

Helen will be there. The media will be there. Tell your friends and neighbors to be there."

Update: There is now a sign you can print and post around the neighborhood or forward to your friends. (click the image above)


  1. If someone with some talent, unlike myself, can make up a printable handout about this protest, I will be more than happy to help distribute it in our neighborhood...

    ... also, again, please let our friends with the media know about this and the CAPS meeeting at 7pm on Tuesday at Inspiration Care at the corner of Leland and Sheridan! Maybe even add that to the flyer?

  2. I'm emailing everone I know to be there

  3. You guys should post it over on Windy Citizen, that way even more people will see it.

  4. Ironically, if Chicago gets the games this kind of protest will not be allowed near any Olympic venue.

    Vancouver Free Speech

    Has anyone checked to see if a permit or something is required? Of course, it would be pretty interesting if we all got cited for disturbing the peace or blocking the public way!

  5. this will do nothing. remember the outrage last year?

  6. whirlofagirl, it is that type of thinking that allows gangs and violence to continue, unabated in Uptown. Your apathy towards this unacceptable public display is troubling and saddening. Please refrain from spreading such a weak- willed perspective.

  7. this will do nothing. remember the outrage last year?

    Last year, the media wasn't interested.

    Last year, there wasn't a protest outside of a meeting dealing with one of Daley's pet projects.

    Last year was last year.

    This year is different.

    You'd be surprised at what having the media breathing down your neck will do.

    Look at how often Daley's had to change course after the Trib and Sun Times exposed his tomfoolery.

    If you don't think this will be effective, how's about a few suggestions as to what will be.

  8. You guys should post it over on Windy Citizen, that way even more people will see it.


  9. Yo----Viola?

    I think you mean Voila!

  10. What?! I uh ... have a soft spot for stringed instruments.

  11. I'll be there. If I read correctly, we're making signs that say "Well?". Since I have limited experience in this, excuse my ignorance on this, but is "Well?" going to be enough of a strong message?

  12. MDB-
    You are welcome to make your own sign with a "civil" message. The "Well...?" sign was a suggestion from a reader.

  13. How about signs saying, "What about us?" or "Help us first".

  14. The point of this action is to get feedback from our alderman.

    She's got the power to make significant changes, however, we never see her lift a finger with regards to public safety.

    I've come up with questions which I feel she is obligated to answer (feel free to add more):

    1 - Violence in big cities does occur. That is a state of the human condition; however, when violence crops up, why does our alderman never speak out against it? Does she in fact believe, as we've heard others have stated her saying: crime is not her issue?

    If true, what are her issues?

    2 -After two Town Hall meetings focused specifically on violent crime in and around the 46th ward, we have seen action by other aldermen (and have heard from them, directly), but all we've witnessed from Shiller has been the eviction of a few problem tenets. Does she consider such to be sufficient action to prevent further violent crime? If not, what does she feel is a sufficient game plan to address the undeniable gang presence in our ward?

    3 - It is rumored, and we've heard it from the police directly, that Helen has obstructed the work of the police force. Is this true? If so, why?

    4 - With the obvious financial issues in the city, how can increasing TIFs be justified when we're told that the city can't afford to fully staff the police, nor properly fund public education?

    5 - What is Helen's position on the current state of the police contract? As a council member, this is an issue for which she needs to have an opinion.

    6 - The kicker - as sad as it may be to say, poverty does breed crime. An overwhelming majority of those living in poverty are NOT problematic; however, even the slightest minority engaged in criminal activity is unacceptable. What assurances is Helen going to provide that Wilson Yard will not become a source of more crime while ever other project following the same model has? And, what recourse do the citizens of this ward have if she's wrong?

    What I'd like to get out of this protest is to get these questions answered in a succinct and thoughtful way. Not via the political double-speak which has become her trademark.

    And for her to take noticeable and results-driven action to free our streets from gang activity.

    I'm happy to work with her, if she'd only work with us.

    This could either be the first step in a community working together to bring peace to our ward, or the first step towards replacing her with someone who will.

  15. Something to note: What's been held up by Ald. Shiller as the wonderful model of building management has been the Ruth Shriman House for seniors. This building opened 10 years ago and just recently got out of housing court. Residents there also complain frequently about the poor security in place.

    How will management of the Wilson Yard housing be different from what's currently presented as the "model" of housing?

  16. You know it's odd, that the Olympic Bid meeting, and the Olympics in general, is ALL about creating a shiny and optimistic image of the city.....yet the Alderman cannot address/comment on the shootings, the, gang 'rumbles', the robberies, not to mention the wondering zombies up here in Uptown.

    I'll be there at 6:00.

  17. WY is doomed to fail.

    Target will come and leave and then you will have a huge blighted and boarded up store front.

    Anyone wonder why they used dark window frames and dark brick?

    That is so it covers the stains from fires up better.

  18. Let's try to remember to make this protest about violence - not Wilson Yard. If you go down the WY route, Shiller will just spin the whole thing to the media as condo-owners being against those with low income (her same old BS).

    Don't fall for her trap. She knows she screwed the community with WY. Violence is something that crosses all class lines. Lets concentrate on that.