Sunday, August 16, 2009

And The Inevitable Result:
3 Shot In Uptown This Morning

A reader writes in that he heard five gunshots in the area of Leland and Malden this morning at 4:45, and now the Sun-Times tells us three people were shot:

Three Wounded in Uptown Shooting. Three people were shot early Sunday while driving through an alley in the North Side Uptown neighborhood. About 4:50 a.m., three males, whose ages were not available, were in a vehicle traveling through an alley in the 1200 block of West Leland Avenue... Read the entire story here.


  1. Two blocks, count 'em, TWO blocks from the problems at Leland and Sheridan the other day...

    ...where the hell is Shiller, Daley and Weiss? Seriously, I hope the newsmedia comes to the CAPS meeting on Tuesday..

    ..and I strongly encourage the readers of UU to please email the reporters that covered this earlier this week to attend the CAPS meeting on Tuesday at 7pm at Inspiration Cafe at Sheridan and Leland... and FOLLOW UP with city officials...

    .. I personally can also not wait for the Olympics forum at Truman College on Monday...

    .. get MAD! Get Angry...geesh,,, time to start TRULY holding these politicians feet to the fire!

  2. If Helen won't speak to us, or take any action beyond hiding from questions, it's time we took the questions to her.

    And do so in an environment where we
    know we'll have her ear, and the media's.

    And the mayor's.

    Tomorrow night.


    Outside of Truman College.

    2016 Bid Committee Town Hall.

    Polite. Civil. No chants or songs, just signs and people.

    Public safety is more important than any legacy project.

    Helen will be there.

    The media will be there.

    Tell your friends and neighbors to be there.

  3. While it is never appropriate to blame the victim, I'm guessing the three guys driving through an alley at 4:45 AM weren't on their way to choir practice. Just sayin.

  4. Sure B, and when a child gets shot from bullets going through a window or a innocent bystander gets shot..... seriously, whats your point? We all know what is going on....that is why we need to get some help from the police... you know.. all us "evil condo owners' that pay all the freaking property taxes that are paying politicians salaries, Wilson Yard TIFS, all the social services, etc...

  5. Just walked by the alley at Leland and Magnolia. It looks like ABC 7 News is setting up for some filming.

  6. "that is why we need to get some help from the police... you know.. all us "evil condo owners' that pay all the freaking property taxes that are paying politicians salaries, Wilson Yard TIFS, all the social services, etc..."

    I hope this issue doesn't turn into a class conflict, because Uptown has always been a rough neighborhood, even after the urban professionals started speculating on real estate. Appeals to the plight of the property owners is not likely to get very far.

    I hope the message will be "we need more police because everyone deserves a safe neighborhood," not "We need more police because I pay all the taxes and I deserve it."

  7. This is not a class issue. Unless you consider it a "civil class" v. the "violent class".

    Anyone who states that this is a class issue is simply ignorant.

    There is a tax issue at play, but that matters not on the immediate level.

    This also is not simply a "we need more police" issue.

    This is a "we need proper leadership/representation" issue.

    This is an issue of having the alderman promote public safety as much as she does "public aid".

    This is also an issue of our alderman admitting that whatever policy she has been using to promote public safety is a failure (ie - anti-violance parades where the families of victims are used as props, and the entire affair focused less on public safety and more on doing political favors - and then, only a few weeks later, violence erupts).

    Everyone deserves a safe neighborhood.


    And if the alderman wants to continue to hide from the issue, then she needs to be relieved of her office and replaced with someone who won't shrink into the wall paper when bullets and bottles are flying about our neighborhoods.

  8. Right after I posted this, I see that clip on the news and then see it on the blog. I myself have had to call 911 several times when going thru uptown during the day when this crap is blowing up.Funny , we don't seem to be getting many cases from it though.

    Despite what I keep hearing from people about crime rising in uptown, we continue to get virtually no cases .There are good probation officers and good judges for that area , but there's nothing we can do if the cases don't make their way into court for whatever reasons.Surely not blaming the police , but lots of these kids need to be arrested , have their cases filed by the State's Attorneys office as opposed to being screened out , prosecuted, convicted and brought into the system. If need be, give them supervision , at least thats a start.Sure, they'll get only supervision or probation, but at least we'll have them and can violate and send away the ones who don't get the message . I've always believed you can help some of them, but many just need to be gotten off the street. Now , we are probably going to be redistricted because of lack of activity. Can't wait to see what happens when that new development of 178 units of low income housing opens at the new development at Montrose and Broadway, sure all hell will break loose.Who thinks of these things ?
    Many of the low income families are already trying to get new housing because things are getting bad and they're just taking their problems to new areas.

  9. The 3 victims were in their 50's and 60's. They are brothers.

  10. Those gunshots woke me up too Sunday morning. I'm at the corner of Leland and Magnolia.
    I never even heard the police come.

  11. Where exactly did this happen? Magnolia/Leland or Malden and Leland? North or south side of the street? The report states Malden but the camera crews for ABC 7 news took footage of Magnolia's Alley North of Leland. If it was at Malden why did they not simply go one street west and shoot the actual alley the incident occurred at? Confusing :(