Thursday, August 27, 2009

If This Had Been Released Two Weeks Ago...

Alderman Shiller released a statement today regarding "recent events" on her website, a full two weeks after the fact, but better late than never. Read it here.

Update: CBS2 covered the story here. Video is here.


  1. And the "community leaders" you spoken to about solutions are who, Helen? Names please.

    Funny, I spoke to 2 police officers over the weekend who were patroling on Broadway south of Grace. I asked what we as residents could do to improve the situation in Uptown. Their response - get rid of you and Jody Weis.

  2. This is in the terms and conditions of this site, paid for, btw, by the Citizens for Shiller political group...


    Citizens for Shiller does not warrant or make any representations as to the quality, content, accuracy, or completeness of the information, text graphics, links and other items contained on this server or any other server. Such materials have been compiled from a variety of sources, and are subject to change without notice from Citizens for Shiller.

    I think the first 20 words of their wbsite T&C sums up my thoughts....

  3. Unfortunately, Alderman Schiller's statement misses the mark, and ONCE AGAIN fails to capture the desires of the residents of Uptown. HELEN - WE WANT A ZERO TOLERANCE, TOUGH STANCE ON CRIME - PERIOD. Why is it so hard to say that. If Alderman Schiller won't take that position, we will with or without her. It's getting bad here in Uptown and time to overreact. Do not downplay the seriousness of what we all saw. That was CHAOS in that video, and it was in Alderman Schiller's ward. Is it better than it was in 1987, perhaps. Are many parts of Chicago where people have invested their time, energy, hearts and money better? yes!

    But its time for eyes ahead! What are we GOING TO DO to continue attack the problems head on? And come on! Checking crime stats vs. listening to the people, who, by the way, are standing up for our neighborhood. Readers, residents, and media, you are all smart. You draw your own conclusions.

    By the way, expect a spike in crime stats for Uptown, because I am sick of taking this crap and am reporting everything.

  4. "...We have no fewer than 25 educational, recreational and not for profit organizations that serve youth and families in our community. They will continue to get my support and advocacy..."

    25 eh, in one Ward? A Ward that hosts 33% of the social service agencies in Chicago if I'm not mistaken? (Someone please either clarify or confirm)

    WAKE UP HELEN, the "programs" don't work, more "funding" isn't gonna do a damn's called parenting and taking accountability.
    And our course running the gangs out of this area....which you seem very lax in wanting to do...

    I'd love to know how much heat you've taken from your fellow aldermen to finally send something out after two weeks. Pathetic.

    She was correct in stating that the taped fight wasn't the worst this area has seen. Take for instance the three men shot in their car a few days later. That should make you feel real proud.

    Jim Osborne

  5. So many thoughts come to mind about this well thought out statement. At least I guess that is what she wants people to think after 2 weeks of silence. However, sadly these are the same things she has been saying for 5 years I have been around.

    1. This is one of the safest wards in the city,

    2. My staff and I speak with the police regularly

    3. I am in contact with community leaders

    4. It is only my political opponents that bring these issues up.

    5. She is really the victim here because she had done so much good for the ward.

    Your staff can call me "nuts" again, but I don't think it is going to work this time. People in LONDON are talking about your incompetence for God's sake!

  6. There is one thing she does not mention when she says crime and violence is the lowest in the 20th and 23rd wards out of all of Chicago. You have to remember these crime reports are based upon ones that have been written and documented by the Chicago Police. She does not mention all the crime and violence that occures and no-one is arrested and no reports filed as in gang fights and shootings and street muggings that occure numerous times not reported for her statistics. Maybe on her block where police from two districts give her special preference on patrols I guess crime would be down. Her responce does not satisfy me specially when she and her worthless staff refuses to return calls or speak to residents about these issues one on one, face to face.........

  7. This would mean something if it was PRO-active not re-active and you could start listening to your constituents. I'm just sayin for next time Helen.

  8. I just responded to her:

    Too little, too late.


  9. Ugh. I don't know which part of this letter is my favorite: when she says on any given week, there are far more violent events in other neighborhoods that receive less attention? That today we have among the lowest crime (WTH?)? Saying that it was her political opponents hounding her at the 2016 meeting? Or where she says she will continue to get the minutes from the CAPS meetings (golly, now there's a commitment to safety!). Or maybe it's her characterizing the riot as "fisticuffs?" But hey, I shouldn't gripe, at least she issued a statement.

  10. In this statement, she continues to make public safety a politically and socioeconomically divisive issue and refuses to learn from this experience. I acted alone in filming the violence; I am not part of any organized political opposition group. I used social media to inform my friends and neighbors (people from all walks of life) that escalating gang violence at Leland & Sheridan poses a threat to their public safety. I e-mailed Helen Shiller's office a link to the video before it became a viral phenomenon. At the very least, she could learn to use the same means to communicate with her constituents, even if she disagrees with their views. A static press release issued on her web site simply won't suffice in quelling concerns over gang violence.

  11. I'm sure others will pick this while thing apart; but, the one thing that rang loudly was this:

    Nothing said by political opportunism can change this.

    How long does she expect that excuse to hold water?

    Then there's:

    My staff and I will continue to work closely with the Chicago Police Department to prevent crime and violence.

    We already assumed that you did; what irks us is when you don't talk to the people.

    You talk to your supporters, and maybe a few non-supporters; but, you've created an interesting (and unelected) bureaucracy that you use to conduct ward business that shuts out a large portion of the community.

    You are supposed to be a leader in this community.

    Act like one.

    And, for me, the capper:

    With the exception of one television reporter, not one outlet bothered to check the police statistics to actually determine if this fight represented typical or atypical activity.

    That might have been different had you returned any of the myriad of calls from the media asking for your input.

    Don't come out with this "woe is me" statement, parcel out blame and poke at the corpse of your "political opponents" argument and expect it to fly.

    At times, I try to put myself in her shoes to try to better understand where she's coming from.

    Then she burps up this kind of tripe.

  12. "We will continue to get the minutes from our CAPS meetings and continue to insure appropriate responses from my and other city offices to issues raised. "

    Yes, why attend the meetings when you can just read the minutes..

    And it's "ensure", not "insure".

    Is it election time yet?

  13. Pardon me, but this is one full-of-shit and excuses statement.

    "Today crime and violence in the 23rd and 20th police districts is among the lowest in Chicago."

    But what about UPTOWN, Helen? The 23rd District starts at Fullerton. What about UPTOWN's statistics?

    "There were no guns or knives used, but bottles were thrown and there was yelling and attempted fisticuffs."

    What about the shouts of "kill that n****r? Send him to the hospital!" What about the pipes, boards and heavy locks found in the bushes? What about the kid swinging a golf club on the video? These weren't boyish "fisticuffs." What about the kids who've been swinging bats and golf clubs at each other on Sheridan since last spring?

    "magic bullet to stop violence"

    Ouch. Interesting and poorly chosen phrasing.

    "When I was first elected alderman in 1987 the 46th ward..."

    And just what do infant mortality and school scores have to do with the rioting in our streets?

    "focusing on my political opponents hounding me..."

    This is the crux of Pooooor Helllllen's worldview. Poor Helen is hounded by political enemies. Oh, Poor Helen.

    NOT -- Ald. Shiller has a responsibility to her constituents to address the violence that's been happening on Sheridan since last spring, and to talk to them about it, rather than running to her car like the hounds of hell were after her.

    NOT - Ald. Shiller needs to make the neighborhood safe for families who are out walking to the store and to kids coming out of Bible Study and walking into a riot, rather than dismissing the situation as "fisticuffs where no one got hurt."

    Instead, Poor Helen is trying so valiently, against ENEMIES (!!), to fight the good fight. Oh, Poor Helen.

    Poor, Poor Victim Helen. Let's bring out the violins and pity her.

    And while we're at it, buy her a calendar. The time to make a statement and answer phone calls was TWO WEEKS AGO.

  14. Oh - I forgot to ask: hasn't the myth of low crime stats already been debunked?


    A large group of gang members take their fighting to the streets.

    Bottles and fists thrown about.

    Unsuspecting people step out of a bible class and into the melee and are scared to death.

    Motorists and pedestrians alike scatter.

    Police come and disburse the crowd.

    1 arrest made.


    On those oft quoted crime stats, the entire event will show up a misdemeanor offense.

    Theoretically speaking, of course.

    Not like such a thing could ever happen.

    (and yeah - next time, have someone proof read your statements. Typos and misspellings don't bode well when speaking of education).


  16. Helen,

    did one of your opponents write that for you?

    Can you say passive aggressive bordering on aggressive/aggressive?

    Can you say psychologically disordered?

    Can you say "Pirate wants a beer"?

    Can you say "how'd that hooker end up in my bed"?

    Oops, I'm sorry I'm channeling my inner Republican.

    Next time you post something Helen try to get a professional PR firm to help you write it.

    I should take a screen shot before some saner voice advises taking the page down.

    That post encapsulates everything that is wrong in the world of Helen Shiller.

    I really recommend some jungian therapy followed by a bottle of whiskey.

  17. Compare Ald. Tunney's response to the attacks in Lakeview. Not a word about political enemies. Wow. What a concept.

    "My office has received a number of calls from concerned constituents about the two most recent attacks that took place early this morning. We have had ongoing safety issues in the Belmont-Sheffield Area for years and have been working closely with the police to mitigate the problems and build solutions. It is my belief that we have the resources to handle the issues of loitering, prostitution, drug dealing and more recently robberies, however sufficient resources are not on the street during the midnight shift when these crimes are being committed.

    [...] My office will continue to work with police, CAPS and residents. We are setting up additional Safety Seminars and CAPS meetings to address these issues and we have been on several late-night walks with police and residents - as recently as last Friday’s midnight walk. Information is also regularly updated on our website at and through our e-news blasts to the community.

    I am committed to doing all I can to address these issues and am confident that working together with the community, businesses, police and CAPS we can improve safety in this area.

    Sincerely, Alderman Tom Tunney, 44th Ward"

  18. Her response make this sound like A West Side Story. She must truly think we are blind to issue this statement. We live in this ward, and we are very much aware of the inadequate lighting, the poor conditions of the schools, public housing, streets, parks, and public schools. Our beach looks like third world country with the amount of sewage and garbage. This fight was in no way atypical behavior for this ward, similar events happen almost daily on my corner and on almost every block in her ward. Her response in inexcusable. Her negligence is inexcusable. I hope she remembers what became of Marie Antoinette. This is a democracy, she is a civil servant, and her number on job is to listen to her constituents. Her refusal to speak to us only heightens the animosity towards her. this response is insulting.

  19. I just read it again.

    It is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

    "The Caine Mutiny" comes to mind.

    Alderman Queeg?

    I need to hit the toy store and buy her some marbles because she has clearly lost hers.

    Attacking the media?


    If UU checks the IP addresses of those who visit this site he may find some addresses from City Hall.

    Apparently there may be a person on the 5th Floor of City Hall who is now assigned to monitoring this site for his elective majesty.

    Those who doubt that may need to remember the stories about city employees following alderman after council meetings and taping their interactions with the media. Emperor Daley is a control freak and if you've noticed his hair recently it's becoming clearer than Shiller isn't the only one losing their marbles.

  20. The e-mail blast I received said that "the youth disbursed."

    It has since been corrected on the online version, but I had to laugh since the Webster's definition of disburse is as follows: To pay out, as from a fund.

    At the risk of appearing overly critical or unfair, if I were a public official releasing an anxiously anticipated statement, I'd be absolutely sure that it was grammatically correct and had proper word usage.

    What's more appalling is that the first two paragraphs are spent downplaying the videotaped incident. "There were no guns or knives used", and there was just a "little property damage". So we're supposed to feel better about the fact that as many as three dozen people were trying to fight one another in the middle of the street? I can only assume she wouldn't be the least bit concerned if she were out for a walk when "attempted fisticuffs" broke out on the same street?

    I was at the rally at Truman and sorry Helen, while I don't like you, I'm not a political opponent. I'm just a guy that hoped my presence would encourage you to realize your community's efforts to get your attention are not politically motivated, rather they are because we don't feel we're being heard.

    You had a great opportunity with this open letter to constituents, and I'm sorry but you fell flat. You downplayed an incident that concerned your residents, and you pinned the media coverage of the event on political opponents.

    Continuing to say nothing about these recent incidents may have been a better option.


    Who should feel encourage by this response? Damned if she does? What DOES she DO? Maybe she picked up some needles back in '88, but there are still needles, liter every where,and gun violence, subpar public housing, obvious racism, and total negligence. There is no leadership, not for property owners, not for business owners, not for public housing residents, not for the homeless or the mentally ill. Answers are not what people are seeking, action is what people are seeking.

  22. Wow, she managed to take the neighborhood's safety fears and make it all about her.

    Can you say Teenage Girl Angst?

    Can you say Narcissist?

  23. I love the word "fisticuffs". It was just a group of teenage "rascals" is what visually comes to mind when I hear that phrase. What a lovely old fashion word.
    Its sort of like subsituting "lady of the evening" for whore.


    And here's why:

    With the exception of one television reporter, not one outlet bothered to check the police statistics to actually determine if this fight represented typical or atypical activity.

    Every.Single.Media.Outlet contacted her office.

    Every one.

    Multiple times.

    And every media outlet ended their reports the same way:

    The alderman's office has not returned any of our numerous calls.

    She conveniently leaves out that little tid bit.

    She could have returned those numerous phone calls and stated her position.

    She choose to ignore them.

    After two weeks of contemplation, and multiple attempts by the media to speak with her, a response like this is simply laughable.

    Remember, the rally wasn't about the violence as much as it was about her ignoring the people.

    Nothing in her statement makes any indication that she's willing to change that.

    What she should have said:

    I'm sorry.

    I know that I failed to respond in a timely manner to an issue that has so rightly excited so many of those in my ward and for that I apologize.

    There are many issues in this ward which require my attention, and public safety is always on the top of my list.

    I am constantly working with police to protect each and every person in my ward to the best of my abilities; but, as we all know, crime is a curious issue and difficult to pinpoint.

    I cannot prevent every crime, but what I can do is make myself more available to my constituents in my office and at CAPS meetings to further progress in tamping down unacceptable gang violence.

    I cannot do this alone.

    I will be happy to make myself, and my staff, more available to to public if we all promise to put aside political differences and work together to combat a serious problem.

    Hard hard would that have been?

  25. Another Alderman responds to community crime. Again, strangely, no mention of political enemies.

    Dear Neighbors,

    Our office has received notification from multiple residents regarding an increase in break-ins in the area bounded by Lawrence, Foster, Damen, and Western. According to these residents, the suspects involved identify themselves as City employees and are targeting seniors.

    As always, please be careful when allowing people into your homes. If you live next door to a senior who may not have email access, we encourage you to print this notification up and share it with your neighbors.

    If you witness any suspicious behavior, please call #911. If you have any information regarding these crimes, please contact our office at 773-348-8400 or contact the 20th Police District at 312-742-8770.


    Alderman Gene Schulter's 47th Ward Public Service Office

  26. After the passing of more than 2 weeks of a video tape that captured street violence in Uptown, Ald. Shiller issued a response to concerned residents. She also reported that she is working with the police and the community to address those issues.

    In her letter to 46th Ward residents, Ald. Shiller claimed I had attacked against affordable housing, equating it with crime. I’ve heard this false claim before, along with many others in her 2007 campaign literature. In one piece, it was suggested I was a member of the Klan.

    I have never nor will I ever equate affordable housing with crime. As a social worker, I am committed to the use of best practices when it comes to serving those living in poverty. To do otherwise would go against my profession’s commitment to empowering people living in poverty.

    I have been an open critic of the affordable housing at the Wilson Yard TIF development, but not because I am against affordable housing. My concerns about the housing at the Wilson Yard TIF are as follows:
    • It is not mixed-income housing as is now recognized by housing experts across the country as the type of appropriate for families with low-income. Ald. Shiller disagrees with this, but HUD experts would disagree with her own made-up definition of “mixed-income.”
    • It does not make the best use of our limited resources for affordable housing. Each family unit will cost over $440,000 per unit; far exceeding the cost of market-rate housing. There is no acceptable reason why this type of housing can be built at a lower cost so that more affordable units could be built throughout the city.
    • Its very design of limited entrances and use of elevators makes it difficult for the residents to recognize strangers in their midst. It’s why HUD and CHA encourage affordable family housing to be low-rise with multiple entrances.
    • HUD strongly encourages low-income housing to be built in census tracts with poverty rates less than 25%. They used research to come up with those figures and I feel duty bound to listen to their expertise.

    With regards to matters of safety, I believe it’s important to attend CAPS meetings on a frequent basis because it’s the ideal setting to work with the community to address their concerns of crime and safety. Ald. Shiller’s staff have commented that residents at CAPS meetings appear hostile toward her and their staff, but that hostility built up after many years of no-shows from anyone at the Alderman’s office at CAPS meetings. I believe their trust in her commitment to address crime has been permanently damaged.

    The Uptown Chicago Commission has developed a strong reputation of working with CAPS and the community to address crime & safety issues. Three of our UCC members are CAPS facilitators and two are block club presidents. If Ald. Shiller is working with the community to address crime, I have not heard from any of them about those plans to address the recent street violence. My partner Richard Thale is the CAPS facilitator for Beat 2312 where this street violence has occurred and Ald. Shiller has said nothing to him. We also work closely with State Rep. Greg Harris, State Senator Heather Steans, and staff from the 48th Ward office.

    I would agree with Ald. Shiller that polarizing the community is damaging and the ones who suffer the most from this are often the ones most disenfranchised. I would encourage Ald. Shiller to listen to our diverse community and hear our concerns. If she were to attend CAPS meetings, she would find that people from all economic backgrounds come together to work to make our community safer. We would like her to join us in our endeavor to make Uptown a better community for all.

  27. I need a new hobby.

    A reread of her statement demonstrates that she can't even keep her own message inline with itself:

    ... there were no guns or knives used ...

    Then, under Solutions she says:

    But having said that, while guns, and the requisite anger to use them, seem to be in never ending supply, there is no excuse for violence.

    A minor logical disconnect, of course - but, again, she did have two weeks to review this, did she not?

    Quick note to James:

    She wasn't directly attacking you. She stated that in her 5 re-election campaigns, that tactic was used.

  28. This is my favorite quote:
    "What is it about this particular video that caused such great fear in so many people? " WHAT?!! Is she nuts?!

    As if this ONE video is so out of the ordinary that she ACTUALLY has to ask that question? What about the people driving their cars through this melee? What if there were kids in the back of that grey SUV we saw on tape? This went on for three consecutive nights! One neighbor was threatened by a gang member because she was video recording another melee on the street! Is Shiller insane?? Seriously...and let me say, there were outrageous grammatical errors in her statement that make me question whether or not she has the aptitude to make decisions for my neighborhood.

  29. yo, I agree. I can't respond for them, so I responded for myself only. However, all of us have experienced some blatant lies said about us during the campaign.

    I understand some politicians feel the need to resort to that kind of thing.... but I'm not clear why they then get upset when they report lies are said about them.

  30. I hear ya James, and I know what you meant, but thought to post that clarification in case someone else didn't.

  31. Yo,

    I suspect Shiller wrote that "letter" very recently. Helen clearly was the main author of the letter or had great input into it.

    It shows all the signs of her worldview and sparkling personality.

    My question is who or what caused her to come out with the letter now?

    Feeling a bit of pressure there, Helen?

    Boys and Girls,

    Let's take the cheese!

    Right now I suspect Alderman Queeg is saying "I hate those guys".

  32. I realize this is a little off topic, but you'd think after two weeks of silence she could have at least had her statement proofread for sentence structure and grammatical errors?

    "a couple dozen"
    "videoed by a neighbor"

    Excuse me? I could go on and on...

    This defensive rambling does nothing to ensure residents that proactive measures are being taken, but rather cements the retaliative and defensive attitude that continues to characterize her tenure.

  33. Wow, she's turning into Nixon, right before our eyes.

    The Enemies List

    The Poor Me routine

    The disregard of the Constitution -demanding to know Lorraine Swanson's sources at the Wilson Yard Task Force meeting

    Can we hope they end their political careers the same way?

  34. Ahh, but the strawberries that's ... that's where I had them. They laughed at me and made jokes but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt and with... geometric logic..

  35. "What is it about this particular video ... The importance to the media however is more difficult to understand, unless it is driven by other motives."

    do tell, Helen

    what do you suppose the media's motives might be?

  36. At what point will she take credit for the lower levels of crime during the upcoming colder months?
    BTW...YO....LOVE the way your well-reasoned comments always clarify least for me.

  37. I think Shiller should file a lawsuit naming the media, this website, various potential or real political opponents, most of the area community organizations, and of course THE IRISHPIRATE as co conspirators against her.

    Attempt to find a judge that will not squash and quash and jump up and down on any subpoenas.

    Fight back! Don't listen to those nabobs of negativity who would say that would be counterproductive.

    Come on Helen, you can do it.

    You'll get them Helen.

    Get them before they get you.

    I mean what would I do if I didn't have Helen Shiller to "kick around anymore".

    I think I need to buy her a dog and name it Checkers.

    It's time Helen. Summon your troops.

    Rally round the TIF flag!

    Give me TIF's or Give me death!

    Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of Wilson Yard.........

    Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

    Hell no.

    And Helen Shiller ain't gonna give up now.

  38. "In each of my five re-election campaigns, the strategy of my opposition has followed a now familiar pattern..."

    it's all about her

    I challenge Helen Shiller to get thru a stmt any stmt on any given subject without reference to her "opposition"

    here Shiller cites her RE-ELECTION campaigns but conspicuously omits mention of her THREE ELECTION campaigns when SHE was the one attacking the incumbent and "polarizing the community at every opportunity"

    Battle of Uptown

  39. I certainly hope those looking to run in the next election are starting to reach out to the Senior Community and the Lakeshore Drive highrise residents now... and not ignore them or waiting until the last minute.....just a thought..

  40. 30x

    You hit the nail on the head, I think what galvanized the community about this video was the fact that it caught on camera many of the things they we've all been witness too. It wasn't this individual video per se, but the fact that this stuff happens in Uptown and this was it.

    And this letter is a giant slap in the face to the community. Her position is summed up thusly

    I have done a lot in the past

    Things are fine

    I don't plan to change what I'm doing, if you don't like tough

  41. The lateness of this reply notwithstanding, she should fire whomever wrote this thing. The grammer is horrible (not that mine is perfect). What does this mean?

    When I was first elected alderman in 1987 the 46th ward had some of the highest crime in the city,

    Does this mean that crime only took place only on the fourth floor and up in every building?

  42. Good point, Uptown SuperHero. The issues facing the Lakeview residents are far different from the ones we face in Uptown... except for the parking meters. Just wait until the parking meters get placed in the parks within the next month or so.

    I had 6 months out of the gate in the last election; I was outspent 3 1/2 to 1; and I still almost won. I have not been idle for the last 2 1/2 years in the Lakeview area.

    Interestingly enough, I was at one Lakeview meeting and the residents expressed concern that the crime in Uptown was getting pushed down to Lakeview. Crime will become more of an issue for Lakeview residents (especially with what's happening right now) but that hasn't been their primary issue in the past.

  43. We're nothing but a bunch of cute little bunnies.

    What Helen needs is a "Holy Hand Grenade" to rid the ward of our pestiness.

    As for firing the writer of that letter I suspect Helen was the main or only writer.

    If I, the oh so glorious and world renowned IrishPirate, had written that letter to damage Shiller, I couldn't have done a better job.

    Sure, I'm likely typing this while sitting in my underoos in my mom's basement, yet I still have a greater grasp on reality than Shiller.

  44. I also find it interesting how many times she says the issue is polarizing and divisive. Only by her. For once in all the many years I've lived here, I feel as though people are finally coming together around the issue of growing violence. And not just in Uptown, but other wards too.

    I think that has to be very scary to the people in power. If we only yell at each other we will never learn the truth or make changes.

  45. What I think we are witnessing here is the unraveling of a political career.

    During the height of the last campaign the legendary website "What the Helen" typically got a few hundred hits a day. Even after the WTTW debate and Shiller mentioning WTH on the air I think the hit count was still well under 1000 for that day.

    WTH and all the stupid videos that were made, and I was clearly responsible for the stupidest of the videos, drove the Shilleristas nutz. Nutty enough to post videos of their own from the League of Women Voters debate even though that was not allowed by the League's own rules.

    Just think what a website like Uptown Update must be doing to their teeny "wittle" brains.

    This site has more "friends" on Facebook than WTH had hits in a day.

    As the barbarians were at the gate at what point did the last Roman emperor realize that the Western Rome Empire was kaput.

    Hellonius Shillerus, we who are about to defeat you Salute you.

    I'm going to step away from the computer now. A man of my advanced age needs to be concerned about the stress on my heart reading that letter causes me. I can only laugh so hard.

  46. She won't be dragged into the reality based community. She has succeeded for 20 years in repeating untrue and illogical mantras ("it's all rich v. poor") that somehow get accepted as credible. Why change tactics now? Why not repeat 2 ridiculous themes ("the activity in the video was not so bad," and "it's all just a plot against me"), and hope that it works again?

    Except this time, the actual video makes her statements look foolish, and the media (at least the TV media) is no longer giving her a free pass.

    This was a swing and a miss.

  47. Correction:

    This response isn't two weeks overdue.

    It's 15 months over-due.

    If anyone needs to be reminded that we've been waiting on Helen for quite some time.

  48. I sent this response to Shiller's email:

    My first response after reading the alderman's statement was it's a weak attempt to minimize the deep, underlying issues that threaten our community by making light of a couple of dozen men fighting on the streets of Uptown.

    Law abiding residents saw this event entirely differently. This video symbolizes what's been going on for a long time on the streets of Uptown.

    What you call "emotional" is actually the accumulation of anger people feel because of the apathetic attitude from your office.

    Stop hiding behind statitics. The numbers don't tell the truth about what we're living. For example, on a sunny warm weekend a few weeks ago, there were numerous reported gun-fire exchanges from Clarendon Park to Magnolia. One neighbor called 911 to report seeing teens firing at a teen; the police asked if anyone was shot. When told no, the police said there was no reason to file a report. so much for statistics when you're watching bullets fly by you.

    We want an enlightened alderman who takes a proactive stance to create a safe and peaceful community.

    Do your job and start by:
    * Make Wilson Yard the mixed-income housing you originally promised. Stop concentrating families in the failed housing model that even HUD no longer endorses.

    * Host 2 Town Hall meetings a year with residents north of Irving Park. Listen to all your constituents.

    * Clean up our streets and alleys with zero tolerance for public drinking, peeing and drug users.

    * Begin a Social Service Agency program that holds the numerous Uptown agencies to a set of standards. If they don't keep the standards, and withdrawn their City funding. Start with Cornerstone and Sylvia Center that have turned Clifton into blood alley.

    * Make the Wilson El Station rehab a top priority. It's the gateway to our community and the #1 crime hot spot.

    * Work with all the block clubs, as does Ald. Smith, work to improve the street lights, trim trees, streetscape and address crime hot spots.

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, that's all that ever has.

  49. James, you misunderstood my comments, although you comments on Lakeview are pertinant and I wonder if their alderman, Tunney, will have the gall to endorse her again... point is, I lived in the Buena Park area around Lakeshore Drive... and it is a different world there.... and as a former resident living in one of the highrises in the area, I can tell you that Shiller has managed to bamboozle the residents and seniors that live in that part of her ward....

  50. Oh I am "insured" alright, you have to be to live in Uptown!!! Now please "ensure" me that you are doing something about this hood!! Great job in proofing..

  51. Ok,

    I took "my medication" to calm me down from the overload of joy I am experiencing.

    Now I was thinking earlier about who the Daleyities would want to see replace Shiller.

    Let's see.

    Crime is an issue.

    Find a retired cop.

    No Asians in the City Council.

    Find a resident of Asian descent.

    Only one gay in the council.

    There you have it boys and girls.

    If there are any gay, Asian, retired cops living in the 46th Ward please contact City Hall.

    Now I want to make one thing perfectly clear. If the Mayor does end up supporting such a candidate I merely guessed correctly.

    In no way did my two sources within the Daley operation tip me off to any such move.

    In fact by me posting this such a move becomes less likely. Like Shiller I have delusions of gramdeur.

    Which suits my desire to see Helen go down to defeat.

    Yes, Helen. DE FEAT. Two words like a SW sider asking his friend if his feet hurt. "Hey, Paddy do de feet hurt? I'm sorry about dropping dat anvil on dem on Western Avenue."

    No cushy board memberships for you Helen. Nope, all you shall get is a pension and the knowledge that finally after years of harming and lying to your constituents you were tossed out of office in an overwhelming "de feet".

  52. "Sure, I'm likely typing this while sitting in my underoos in my mom's basement, yet I still have a greater grasp on reality than Shiller."

    I hope those are batman underoos.

    Holy demolition, Batman! Call the commissioner, Gotham City is in trouble.

    I hate to disappoint you but my rubber lips are immune to your charms. - Robin

  53. Serously, I'm wondering what PR firm wrote this piece for Shiller. It doesn't have any of the sentiments she spewed at the 2016 Town Hall meeting and it doesn't contain any Shillerisms or Shillerspeak.

    It is clear, concise and seems well reasoned. It also seems to address and diffuse the mess Alderman Shiller created for herself.

    Not that Alderman Shiller isn't capable of writing a piece like this herself, but it sounds very much like someone who has a reasonable perspective.

  54. Zesty,

    your wit overwhelms me.

    I shall take off my sarcastic crown and place it on your head.

    You have taken the Excalibur of Sarcasm from me and placed it into thine own hands.

    Well done.


    May the Farce be with you.

    Remember the Alamo!

  55. Here's a quote for you, Pirate:

    "[Discussing Captain Queeg's sanity]
    Lieutenant Tom Keefer: Will you look at the man? He's a Freudian delight; he crawls with clues!"

  56. It's just a sad. I don't understand the response.

    I can't help but think if someone who performed, and / or operated in this fashion in a private corporation, would have been fired long ago for 'productivity' issues.

  57. I hear you, Uptown SuperHero. Actually the 46th Ward goes all the way down to Stratford, just south of Cornelia. I've learned that many residents in that area have the mistaken belief that Ald. Tunney is their alderman.

    For over 2 years now, I've been attending regularly scheduled neighborhood meetings in the southern part of the ward in Lakeview. On many occasions, I've seen a representative from Ald. Shiller's office at those meetings. Occasionally, Ald. Shiller will also attend.

    Winning that part of the ward entails a whole different approach. It's much tougher than the heart of Uptown, but it's quite possible.

    In the meantime, the entire ward is now starting to get nervous about crime and I've never seen that before. However, crime won't be the #1 issue in the southern part of the ward. They have other issues that must be addressed.

  58. What if local residents just start documenting the things they see around Uptown that make them think nothing is being done?

    Do you have a cell phone? Does it have a camera? You can snap a photo of this and send it to another cell phone that can upload it to Google and start building a digital map.

    See some drug use. Take a photo and sms it. Include the location. Plot it on a Google Map.

    FYI: Statements about the 20th and the 23rd district reporting among the lowest in crime is true. The 23rd is dead last in crime reporting statistics. The 20th is 23rd of 25.

  59. at no point has there been the mention of affordable housing as the source of the punks fighting in the street. mentioning punks and affordable housing in the same narrative is alderman Shiller pointing to an "unintended" correlation in a defensive manner?

  60. Damn the torpedoes. I just published my take on the Alderman's letter on my website. Along with a few minor suggestions as to gramar and spelin.

    Now could I please get subpoenaed?

    I promise I won't use the fact that I have a prosthetic leg as a legal crutch against any lawsuit. Actually, I'd probably show up in court with a kilt and a cane just to get sympathy. Then I'd hire some ancient actress to play my sick mother.

  61. The Irish Pirate scares me.

    I'd take a day off to see him in court.

    He scares me just reading this and I am on the same side. If he is an attorney I'm glad he does not work for Shiller.

    As for Helens letter the writing is atrocious and the logic is non existent.

    The backstory to what pressured her into writing it must be interesting. Has she made any appearances since the Olympics meeting?

    I hope she quits soon and then Daley can appoint someone better.

    Maybe Irish Pirate can be appointed. Since Shiller claims the video guy is running maybe IP is to.

    That would make for funny Aldermanic meetings.

  62. CBS2 has posted another story and video about Uptown. This time relating to the extremely well written statement our beloved Alderman put out.

    2 B or not 2 B?

    Dat is da question.

    I'll not be running for any elective office.

    My personality is unfortunately closer to Helen's than Cappleman's.

    This ward needs someone to bring folks together. My personality is a bit more shall I say "litigious". I once had a PHD psychologist, who was dating one of my friends, say I was "aggressive/aggressive".

    I have somewhat mellowed in my creeping old age.

    Now my policies would obviously be closer to ze Capplemaniacs.

    This ward needs someone who can attempt to bring people together. That ain't me.

    We've had decades of division and that needs to come to an end.

  63. As I sit here waiting for a cab to pick me up and drive me to Midway I realized something.........

    No, not that I drink too much. I knew that.

    This letter from Shiller.........

    A closing or farewell statement or address, especially one delivered at graduation exercises.

    Valedictory. It's as if she's planning on going somewhere.

    Is this the end of Helen?

    "Mother of Mercy............"

  64. She mentions one victim in the letter...herself.

    References her status as a victim at least 6 times.

    Seems insensitive.

  65. The CBS2 report fell a little short on details.

    IE - Kristyn stated that Helen listed solutions; but, fails to mention that we've heard all of that before.

    The circle continues...

  66. Hartman's not going to have the full back story.

    Fill her in. She's listening.

  67. In Kristyn's defense, the back story is highly nuanced and difficult to comprehend simply due to the fact that it's difficult to fathom that any elected official could possibly be so insanely out of touch with both reality and basic concepts of civics.

    And clarity takes it on the chin since Shiller fires so much illogical chaffe in her wake.

  68. I have honest to God switched from watching ABC local news to CBS local news because of this! And I am in the demographic they are seeking! I am sure many of you have done the same thing...

    ...great job ABC and your reporters! Not only are you reporting on what is important to the community, you are increasing your viewership! win-win for you!

  69. Ahh just don't know how to play politics anymore unfortunately. The one thing you had to do was address the constituents and act like you cared. Act like you were actually going to do something. Instead you took a play right out of Mayor Daleys playbook and spun it that you did nothing wrong and you are the victim (and even more stupidly you blame residents for many things).

    It is somewhat sad to see an adversary deconstruct as quickly as you have. I would have hoped for a better fight. It would have made watching you get defeated at election time that much better. Instead you will just wallow away with your tail between your legs because you caused too much uprising in your ward. Because you didn't just appease the people to keep them quiet.

    In some small way I wonder if you look at all of us and think back to what it was like to fight for a real cause. Helen you lost your way a long time ago. I do think you tried your best to do what was right in the beginning, but somewhere along the way a long time ago you lost your way. You have spent the better part of this term just trying to keep your head above water. I would hope that the WY lawsuit, the growth of UU, the media scrutiny, etc would open your eyes to the fact that the ward has changed and you have lost respect and control.

    Save what little dignity may be left and walk away before Da Mare decides you will be replaced with one of his lackeys that can play nice with the people.

    P.S. I heard that Scottsdale is great for retirees.

  70. @ Yo. Definitely take the time to fill Kristyn Hartman in on what you are talking about. Send her an e-mail through the channel 2 web site.

  71. Ray -

    I'm sure Kristyn is getting plenty of information from various sources.

    Having said that, if she'd like to get into an indepth discussion regarding the concerns of many of us, I'd be happy to do so.

    She's welcome to contact me at any time. She can get my contact info from Dorothy Parker.

  72. I found it odd, to say the least, that she had, "In recent days I have had several conversations with community leaders... To a person they have started with “Violence is not acceptable,” and followed that up with, “We have to do more about this and blaming you is not it. What more can we do together?” Is there any further evidence necessary that our alderman's definition of "community leaders" is a homogenous hand-picked group?

  73. She claims violence is down but it's just not being reported. I have seen two people shot in my alley and their gang brothers pick them up and carry them away- if they can dig the bullet out themselves they do it. These gangs do not want the hospitals and police notified so many of these crimes are covered up by the perpetrators and the victims. Statistically they can say violence is down but we all hear the gunshots in the neighborhood almost nightly.

  74. "community leaders" is a homogenous hand-picked group?

    Repeating myself: she's created an un-elected bureaucracy which does not accurately reflect the make up or desires/wants/needs of the current constituency.

    If I'm wrong, someone can explain to me what Marc Kaplan is doing on the Wilson Yard task force.

  75. To a person they have started with “Violence is not acceptable,” and followed that up with, “We have to do more about this and blaming you is not it. What more can we do together?"

    It's an echo chamber you cannot verify. It's Helen talking to Helen. Can anyone actually verify the supposed sources she quotes saying these things to her?

    If she actually had any credibility this wouldn't be an issue. However, we now know about the Wilson Yard lies, the Maryville lies and the Labor Ready lies. Perhaps the reason why she doesn't talk is because she cannot keep her lies in order.

  76. "... what Marc Kaplan is doing on the Wilson Yard task force."

    And he (and Denise Davis) doesn't even live in the TIF district. The district skirts the building he rents in.