Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reactions Still Coming In About The Sheridan Violence

- There was a repeat performance earlier this week, around Sheridan/Lakeside and Sheridan/Lawrence. According to neighbors, there was a huge and immediate police response to a very frightening situation. What is it that these idiot rioters don't understand about "The world is watching"?

- Uptown's brawls made CNN. Don Lemon's report on "Chicago's Deadly Streets" on Saturday, August 22, featured the taped violence. See it here (although the clip was much longer on the actual show.) It was shown again on Tuesday.

- The Lake Street Lookout blog, which has dealt with local violence issues of its own, ran an Open Letter to Our Uptown Neighbors, concluding with: "As that one resident types this Editorial, she would like to commend the residents of Uptown for standing up, joining together and fighting for their neighborhood. Your Lake & Halsted neighbors applaud you! Violence can only continue if unchallenged. KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!"

- Chicagoist offered an faux apology (a la Daley):
"ALDERMAN HELEN SHILLER: I thought those rowdy young men were having a good time. I thought it was some sort of new crazy dance the kids do these days. I didn't know I've allowed my ward to degenerate into mob violence. Sorry about that!"

- Videographer (and non-aldermanic candidate) Joe Gray blogged: "What I learned from my adventure in citizen journalism"


  1. With all the views expressed to the media from residents and the cold shoulder from helen to the media why in Gods name is she still in office. The mayor shes it as well as many others yet nothing is done. It shows how unfit this women is and should be removed from office yet nothing is done. What more will it take to remove this cancer that is eating our ward alive.........

  2. Barry. Voter fraud and lack of voter turn out: that"s how she remaians in office. The voter turn out in the 46th ward is one of the lowest in the city. At the next election, work your building get out the votes

  3. Buenapk I will and have already gotten the word out. Many here hate her and her policy so, If everyone here voted against her thats at least 600 votes from our condo.....

  4. It's absolutely amazing.

    The Alderman in the CNN news story steps out of a 2016 Town Hall meeting to meet with a National News outlet (CNN) reporter to discuss crime in her ward and her concerns about it. She is frank, open and honest.

    Meanwhile the 46th Ward Alderman, Helen Shiller, meets with local media to publicly blame ward residents and say that "stuff happens." She waits a full two weeks to issue any kind of statement regarding the violence. The statement on her website again blames ward residents. She is nasty, accusatory and attempts to turn it into a polarizing issue.


  5. She will be gone soon. Mark my words. Daley has to get rid of her because she is bringing too much heat on him. Along with that heat may be prying eyes that would expose some of his other dealings. Watch for her to announce her retirement, going into the private sector etc.,etc soon. You heard it here first.

  6. BD - I hope you're right but I also fear the joke Da Mare puts in next...

  7. My roommate and I were driving to the dog park at about 4:45 this afternoon when we witnessed the start of more fighting on the corner of Lawrence and Sheridan. A bike had been thrown into the street, at least one person had a bat in hand, and there was a lot of swearing going on. I immediately called 911 as we quickly turned the car around. Luckily I was able to waive down a police car on Leland. What is it going to take to get that area cleaned up?

  8. Thanks for being a good citizen and calling 911 about the incident. Are you able to stay awake till 11 PM and positively loiter with your neighbors tonight?

  9. Grande Padre,

    I suggested there might be some backroom dealing going on to get Shiller to resign before you did.


    Now I consider it a virtual certainty that some of her former political allies are maneuvering against her. I am less certain as to whether she will go.

    Personally I want her to stay until the next election. I want to see her defeated.

    Helen completes me. If we get a new aldercritter what do I do for the next 18 months?

    Nope, Helen is my white whale and I'm Captain Ahab.

    Screw what's best for the Ward. This is about me and Helen.