Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Clifton Eerily Empty

A reader happened to pass by Clifton and Wilson yesterday around 5:00 pm, and found it empty and silent. Eerily so. (Most UU readers and Uptowners are familiar with the large number of people who are hanging out on the street there most hours of the day and night.)

What was different? Well, it was the dinner hour at Cornerstone.

We know that Cornerstone reps have been adamant in denying that most of the people who loiter and congregate on Clifton are their clients.

This picture seems to tell a different story.


  1. It is a little odd, especially since I typically see 10 to 15 people loitering with nothing to do during the day right in that spot. I would be severely depressed myself if I just stood around that corner all day with nothing to do but wait for my next meal. This current approach can't be healthy for anyone.

  2. Clifton was hopping around 11:30 p.m. The whole Wilson Vortex was swingin', including a lady of the evening when I walked by there.