Wednesday, August 12, 2009

LEN: "Man Nabbed for Possession of Crack At Wilson Men’s Club"

"Undercover police arrested a man for allegedly selling crack-cocaine at an Uptown residential hotel last week, according to a 23rd District police report. Jeffrey Berkley, 53, a resident of the Wilson Men’s Club at 1124 W. Wilson, was charged with possession of crack-cocaine on Aug. 6." Read all about it in the Lake Effect News, here.


  1. Well, I suspect Fodor's will be subtracting a star for this.

  2. More to the point, does this have any affect on the long standing housing court case?

  3. i lived in the area and knew alot about what was going on in that hotel through other people. eveyone needs to stay away from the hotel if you can walk on the other side by the college if you have to there is nothing but drug dealing & theft and the owner of the property is not no angel along with the management inside the hotel so just be careful and to the ladies be careful and try to walk with someone if possible . that hotel probley won't close for awhile the owner is still trying to pay off the loan to his bank from what i hear and don't trust anyone that comes out of the building .