Friday, August 14, 2009

CBS Leads Newscast With Story About Uptown Violence

CBS Chicago led off its 5:00 newscast with the story of the street riots that have disrupted Sheridan Road all week. Read all about it here.

Update: Watch the video from CBS 2 here.

Update 2: Fox News will cover this story tonight on its 9pm news as well. Props the Channels 2 and 32!

Update 3: See the Fox Chicago News video coverage below and the story here. NewsRadio 780 WBBM has coverage here.

Update 4: See NBC 5's "Uptown Up In Arms Over Near Riot-Like Activity" here.


  1. here is a link to the video segment shown on channel 2:

  2. "Neighbors say they'd like to talk to Ald. Shiller about increasing police patrols in the area. CBS 2 tried to talk to the alderman about the neighbor's concerns. However, she has yet to return our numerous phone calls."

    How very sad.

    I certainly don't want to put my life or the lives of anyone else in danger, but I'm open to doing some positive loitering tonight. We need to take back our streets.

    If the police urge us to go back to our homes, I'll do that, too. I am fearful that this will be escalating to someone getting seriously injured or killed. I want to send a message that the neighborhood residents want peace in our streets. However, whatever we do tonight as a community, our safety must come first.

  3. I was surprised that they reported the matter in such a straightforward manner without overlaying it with a bunch of BS like I had suspected. However, I was really caught off guard by the reference to this perhaps being an issue with homeless people in the neighborhood. Really?!

    I really do not think that is the case and with all of the issues facing homeless people today I certainly don't think having an street brawl of young men attributed to them is helpful.

  4. This is just wrong.

    Helen, would be happy to respond to the question posed by CBS2, but she was busy today interviewing Charlie the Tuna for a position at the future Wilson Yard fish farm.

    As for the story itself I feel confident in saying that most of the young gentlemen involved in this silliness are not homeless.

    I think they are more likely members of youth organizations.

    From now we should not refer to this as a "riot". That's such a nasty word.

    I prefer the phrase "late unpleasantness".

    Which is how some former Confederates referred to the Civil War in the years after William Tecumseh Sherman and my distant relative Philip Sheridan did some marchin' down south.

    Now can we please get back to talking about important issues like worm and fish farming?

    Thank you.

  5. FYI:

    Twitter: @dorothycbs2

    Thank her for covering this story.

    I did.

  6. The police really think that this is homeless people fighting? Really and honestly? Ummmm..... not often am I left speechless, but "..........."

  7. Nice Work Channel 2! How about some props for UU who gets mentioned as well. Frankly without UU how many would have seen this video? Now people throughout the city have seen it and heard about how our Alderman deals with this type of thing. "No Comment" how many times have we heard that before?

  8. Fox will be covering this during their 9:00 PM news tonight as well.

  9. It's great to see that this was on the news and that all of Chicago can see that the alderman does not care about what goes on here.

    Thanks to the guy who took that video. Great job!!

    Also, I doubt they were all homeless.

  10. Whoo Hoo! and a shout out with a pic to Uptown Update....

    Irish - thanks for the humor, I needed it....

    Yo - thanks again for the updates, shot her a thank you just now...


  11. It's great to see this ridiculous activity exposed. Great job guys!

  12. The police always seem to reference some group when talking about specific violent crimes (Listen to when they say things are "gang-related": sometimes they are gang-related, but often it's police code-word for saying "normal, everyday people shouldn't worry about their safety") Have the police examined this video? Im sure these same guys can be easily spotted on that same stretch of Sheridan tonight. Well, summer heat came late this year..

  13. WOW!!!

    Well done everyone! Lets see how this all unravels. I think we just turned up the heat on the old alderman who likes to collect that worthless salary and do whatever she wants with our ward. That's right isn't you ward.

    Now can someone please call her office and tape record the response you get when you voice your concerns...

  14. AWESOME CBS 2 reporting! Wonderfully blunt and straightforward, with some excellent residents comments.

    Once again, thanks U.U, and the treasure that shot the video in the first place!

  15. Newsradio 780 has picked up the story as well. It's one of the leads on their website.

  16. We have updated the links on the post with all of the latest coverage on this story by the Chicago media.

  17. Fox news now says that Police say it is rival gangs.

  18. The FOX report was great, in that it did NOT mention 'restless homeless males' as one hypothesis.

    Mr. Gray is a hero.

  19. I know criminal activity and scenes like this are worse in other areas of the city, but maybe this attention will give our alderman and police force the opportunity to come up with preventative measures as opposed to reactionary before these things get worse than they already are. Oh wait....... We have Alderman "If you don't like it leave" Shiller.

    Crimes are down because of the reduction in the police force resulting in less arrests and leading to lower crime statistics. I've only been here two years but was fooled by the statistics to think I could walk my dog after dark without fear of gunshots. In two years I've heard atleast 50 incidents of gunshots, of those there have been 3-4 arrests if that that I know of.

  20. We're getting ready to cruise past 10,000 page views today at UU, a new record.

  21. To any news media reading this thread: Thank you very much for covering this footage.

    Uptown is a wonderful neighborhood filled with good people from all walks of life. We are one of the most diverse zip codes in the country in terms of race/ethnicity/language/economic status/people living with disabilities. We're trying hard here and so many of us volunteer to make this a better place for all but we need police services here that are more than just reactive. (This is not the fault of individual officers but how the City equips, funds and manages personnel.) We also need sound economic planning and leadership coming from the City departments rather than clout-heavy cockamamie schemes that waste money and time. We'd rather NOT have to spend money on lawsuits in order to get our voices heard.

    So while you are here, new readers, please get to know us. We are Chicago and right now we are in trouble.

    Thank you.


  22. I know I may have been a wee bit sarcastic earlier, perhaps, but in all seriousness this activity has to stop.

    The police presence that is there tonight is nice, but the cops will eventually have to move on and we'll be stuck with these idiots fighting in the streets.

    I am so looking forward to the next election.

    Our alderman talks about fish farms when rioting and general mayhem have overtaken whole blocks on main streets.

    The good news though is with the Wilson Yard TIF funding low income housing to the tune of $400,000+ per unit the City lacks the funds to hire more police.

    I mean all the police will do is try to stop this activity and make this a safe neighborhood for people to walk in. We wouldn't want that would we?

    It's going to take a whole lot more than an extra value Filet O Fish meal at McDonalds to solve this problem.

    Perhaps we could utilize some of the Wilson Yard TIF tax money for an aquarium for the alderman's office window. If only the bangers could see the fish swimming by they would suddenly become mesmerized and peaceful.

    Alderman Shiller has ignored murders steps from her office. Can she ignore street brawls?

    That's a rhetorical question.

    I mean why focus on crime when there is a fish to fry somewhere?

    To paraphrase the first Mayor Daley:

    "Gentlemen, let me make something perfectly clear. The alderman is not there to create disorder. The alderman is there to create fish farms."

    So many fish, so little time.

  23. IrishPirate, you really need to read your posting on some commentary spot on TV.
    Like an updated, slightly 'boozy' Irv's 'Kup's World'!
    I'd tune in!

    Seriously....I appreciate your brilliant laser-sharp comments.
    Love 'em.

  24. where are the police? what a joke, Jody Weiss.

  25. Just saw the coverage on NBC... wow! The lead story! Well-reported, accurate. So how do we keep the ball rolling to effect real change?

  26. Starck Mad,

    considering I don't wear pants I think I'm better suited for radio.

    We wouldn't want people focusing on my "little Richie" instead of my laser sharp commentary.

    I haven't even started drinking yet tonight. Considering how angry I am at the moment that is likely a good thing.

    People have a right to walk down the street and go to McDonalds without having to worry about a riot.

    I don't blame the cops as they are underfunded and badly led. Perhaps there would be more money for needed city services if we weren't paying $400,000+ per unit for low income housing and potentially paying millions for a "fish farm" on Broadway.

    If I wrote a screenplay and I mentioned an alderman desiring to put an aquatic farm on a densely packed urban street I'd get laughed out of Hollywood whether I was wearing pants or not. I'd also get offered some roles in porn, but I digress.

    I do blame our elected officials who are more concerned about the Olympics, insider deals for their friends and family, and taxpayer funded fish farms than public order. Let me repeat that. As Nixon might say "Let me make something perfectly clear."

    Our alderman, our city, and our tax dollars are potentially going to be spent on a Fish Farm. That's two F's and I'd like to add a third.

    The preamble to the US Constitution mentions "provide for the common defense".

    It doesn't say a goddamn thang about TIFS, fish farms, or contracts for the Mayoral children or nephews. How many times is the Mayor going to be on TV denying any knowledge of all these insider deals?

    The first role of government has to be to protect the citizens. EVERYTHING else is based on that. That is one definition of "common defense".

    If people don't feel safe in their own homes or walking on the streets then government has failed in its first responsibility.

    Time for some new leadership.

    This city needs an enema and I'm about to open a fire hydrant and start out.

  27. I am glad to see this news story and now others can see how hopeless our alderwomen is and has been in not making our Uptown a safe and healthy ward like it should be and can be if she would get off her dead ass and do something about these ever growing problems we have here.

  28. I've loved the sarcasm from the TV stations about Shiller not returning their numerous phone calls. I guess they are used to alderman being prompt in returning requests. I can understand if Shiller is out of town, but this isn't good if she's around. All she would need to do is give the same canned commentary about police are doing everything they can, people are overreacting, and that this is just a few kids being kids. In this case, silence is worse. I'm glad to see they the news stations are running it so high, but it makes sense given the free video and timing after the Lincoln Park robberies. Plus, all of the linking back to their sites helps. They know where they will be getting advertising in the future. Way to go Uptown Update and the Chicago TV stations!!!

  29. Jason you want to know where your police are? I'll tell ya. Your gang team no longer exists in the 23rd district, it now belongs to Area 3. Which means they're either working in the 24th or 18th districts. The manpower numbers for the police dept. as a whole are way down. With only 46 new hires this year its only gonna get worse. With a former FBI agent as your supt.of police you just can't expect the same kicking ass and taking names type of response you may have gotten in the past. Lastly, where would your heart be if you went 26 months without a contract/pay raise. Thats where your police are Jason.

  30. Ever since I moved to Uptown a year ago (and even a little before I moved) I have loved coming to this site to know whats going on in my neighborhood. Often times it has scared me. After seeing this I am again reminded how happy I am to be moving out of this neighborhood and into a much nicer and safer area.

    Seeing these how quickly this video was up on Uptown Update followed by the many comments and actions of many concerned citizens I am glad to see the news channels picked it up so quickly and made it a top priority to report.

    I can only hope for those of you who have not gotten fed up and are leaving like me that this spike in awareness from the news coverage can help lead to some positive change for the area.

  31. "One violent act is one violent act too many."

    From Ald. Shiller's Crime and Safety web page:

  32. Well, at least the alderman is consistent. She won't talk to the community, she won't talk to Medill journalism students, and she won't talk to the major media outlets. You just keep sticking to those rock-solid principles, Helen!

    Hey, stgrat and uniko, sorry you're leaving the 'hood, but we all have different limits and you've done your part. I've been here more than 20 years, and I'm just pig-stubborn. I'm not going to leave unless Ald. Shiller goes first. ;-)

    What amazes me is that none of the media are mentioning the golf clubs being carried by the Boy Scouts in the video. Either they just sneaked off the Waveland Golf Course, or else they had some different, off-label use for the clubs. In any case, I doubt they were carrying them in honor of Tiger Wood or Jack Nicklaus.

    Scary, scary stuff. Thanks to the media for covering what's been going on up here all summer. Your shining a light on the situation is much appreciated.

  33. The Second City Cop website is now running with this.

    I posted a comment. Which will make it worth reading if they ever publish it.

  34. ABC, FOX and is your test... on Tuesday, there is a CAPS meeting literally 20 steps from this corner... as none of you have received quotes from Shiller, I really hope you take a few minutes to follow up this story and cover this CAPS meeting... and see if SHILLER, and not some office lackey, actually shows up and faces her constituents.... welcome to a larger, and infinitely more interesting, story in Uptown that has been brewing for years..PLEASE COME TO THE CAPS MEETING at Cafe Too at Sheridan and Leland on Tuesday!

  35. This is GREAT news coverage!!!! As a community, we need to continue to alert the media to the crime and corruption in Uptown.

    Kudos the man who took and posted this video. I think that it shocks everyone who sees it.

  36. Good Morning Helen..Hope you slept well last night!!!

  37. I know this comment is late in the conversation but I can't believe they were saying this was a homeless riot? That spot on Sheridan is neutral/disputed between the Gangster Disciples (seen hanging out at Sheridan & Lawrence) and the Four Corners (Hazel & Windsor) or the Vice Lords. At the end of the riot in the video the police officer even chases them back to their turf... I'm just hoping it doesn't escalate. Are there any more talks of positive loitering?

  38. I'm not sure why everyone is focusing on the night--what about the bullets flying on Windsor and Sheridan outside my window at 11:00AM July 3d that I've written about here continuously? It has gotten much worse than we all would like to believe.