Friday, August 14, 2009

Ald. Shiller's Priorities: Earthworms & Fish Farming

No one's heard Alderman Shiller address the problems of violence, gangs and riots, despite a series of community town halls regarding public safety and CAPS meetings from which she's been conspicuously absent. Well, now we know what she's been concentrating on:

"Alderman Helen Shiller invites you to take part in a free workshop/brainstorming session on a potential Green Center in the 46th Ward. You have been invited because of your interest and/or expertise in some area of green and sustainable technology. While still in the planning stages, this Green Center may include:

  • Aquaponics

  • Vermiculture

  • An education lab component (for elementary through university students and teachers)

  • A storefront market

  • Greenhouse

  • Info on green building supplies

  • Sustainable practices in building design

  • Much, much more!
Please join us for a lively discussion of all aspects of this project."


  1. Living in Uptown is really nice but I think the interests of a alderman that does not bring safe and healthy living conditions is a insult to all the residents who live here. I am not interested in aquaponics and vermicultures. I am interested in ways the alderman should be thinking about ending violence, gangs and other crimes I see every day on the streets. Maybe the alderwomen is smoking some of the plants in the greenhouses and does not care about the most important issues that effect all of us that have to live in fear under her leadership.......

  2. What about her priority to just avoid those of us who live in her ward. I mean how many people have even spoken to her in the past 5 years? The "secret" community meeting that became public a few weeks ago was the first time she has even taken questions from ward residents in the past several years. Other wards have meetings like that at least once a month in one form or another!

  3. Red Herring?

    Wikipedia says "a deliberate attempt to change a subject or divert an argument"