Friday, July 24, 2009

Tif(f) Meeting Indeed!

The always reliable Lake Effect News and Lorraine Swanson covered Thursday's Task Force meeting about Wilson Yard:

Questions Linger After Wilson Yard TIF Meeting


An early morning crowd of 80 residents attended a meeting on Thursday at Truman College to hear their alderman and other city officials explain the success of the Wilson Yard TIF and why its budget needs to be increased by $54 million, but it isn’t exactly known yet what the money will be used for because an amendment needs to be passed first.

The first Wilson Yard Task Force meeting to be convened in over two years was designed to be informational, yet often became bogged down in minutiae as Ald. Helen Shiller (46th Ward) fielded residents’ pointed questions about a proposed amendment to increase the Wilson Yard TIF budget from $58 million to $112 million.

Read the rest of this article about the sometimes-contentious meeting by clicking here.


  1. “I can’t tell you the figures, but I can tell you what it’s been spent on,” Shiller answered, rattling off the Broadway streetscape between Montrose and Wilson, the Stewart School Campus Park...”

    No, no, no. This is wrong.

    This was built with Aldermanic "menu" money.

  2. Sorry, I am usually a fan of Lorraine, but I found the story to be disjointed and confusing...

  3. We love our long time friend and advocate, Lorraine.

  4. I think Molly Phelan should run for Alderman. I like her style.

  5. So if the Alderman did not have the figures with her at the meeting. When will she be making the up to the minute totals available?

    Also I agree with Buenapk, Molly has guts to stand toe to toe with Helen in a meeting and ask some of the difficult questions many of us have in a professional manner. To bad Helen did not choose to do the same from the quote I read in the article.