Friday, July 24, 2009

Tribune: Vacant Lot A Reminder

By Glenn Jeffers, Special to the Tribune

The lot that was once 4627 N. Beacon St. has been empty for almost four years, its dirt and grass a painful reminder of the three-story, blue-and-white Victorian frame house that was once there.

"That home was beautiful," said James Cappleman, who lives near the lot in Uptown. "Inside, it was gorgeous."

But many who watched in dismay as the house was demolished in 2005 said the battle over the property between residents and a local developer has been just as disturbing.

And now there are questions about the status of the project, the latest chapter in a wacky story that included a bungled zoning map, dueling petitions, a missing staircase and an alderman who jumped from siding with preservationists to granting the zoning change. Continue Reading


  1. There are a lot of details missing from the Trib article.

    Such as ...

  2. Wait for it -

    1) Byrne sells at a price reflecting the new lucrative zoning he purchased from Shiller


    2) Byrne takes out another mortgage backed by the increased value

    more news to come

  3. Anyone know how much the house sold to Byrne for?

  4. It is important to fill the comments section of this article. While he was very off on his assessment of what actually happened, the Trib will notice the responses and will hopefully understand that this whole thing is an important piece of Chicago local news. Flood the comments section. Voice your opinion!