Monday, July 27, 2009

Ald. Shiller Continues To Be Transparent

A reader alerts us to a new chart regarding Wilson Yard TIF expenditure & revenue that is gracing Alderman Shiller's website and writes:

"This table is a list of expenditures, not liabilities; this table does not show the largest single category of liability: money committed to repay borrowing (notes and bonds), making it useless from a taxpayer's point of view in evaluating the financial status of the WY TIF."

Update: Lake Effect News has the Wilson Yard TIF 2008 Annual Report.


  1. Instead of "for more detailed information", Helen should be saying "for correct and accurate information."

    Her table doesn't match the reports. According to to the annual reports, the Tatoo Factory has collected $242K+ to move from a dump to a palace.

  2. can we put our heads together and see if we even know who all these winners are?

  3. Another example of Shillers under-handed methods of running the ward. Don`t forget her on election day by getting someone in office that cares about our ward. Not about their pockets......

  4. ... enough info to say she put it up there, but not enough to be useful. not surprising.

  5. Its not a list of expenditures, it's a "Schedule of Ependitures"