Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What Helen Really Thinks

From the Chi-Town Daily News article on Fix Wilson Yard's updated complaint against Holsten et al., which was filed last Friday:

Here's the latest: Fix Wilson Yard's attorney, Thomas Ramsdell says he filed an updated complaint against the city and the developers on Friday. And Ald. Helen Shiller (D-46) is already speaking out against the allegations.

"I think that it's already been decided, and the judge has ruled against them before. They just regurgitated some of the same stuff," Shiller says. "I think it's frivolous." She also criticized Fix Wilson Yard for continuing legal action against the project developers. "I think it is irresponsible that they continue to keep the developer in [the law suit] when none of the charges that they are now alleging has anything to do with him," says Shiller.

Read the entire article here.


  1. It's amazing how she still doesn't listen to the taxpaying citizens in the ward. I'll tell you what's irresponsible...how about spending $450K on building 2 BR units in a neighborhood where you can buy 2 BR units for $250-350K? How about putting 180 low income housing units in a concentrated area when that model has been repeatedly shown to fail? How about asking for another $58 million dollars and not giving any outlines to how the money will be spent? That's irresponsible!

    I'm infuriated. What's even more infuriating is that people in our ward have no clue what's going on. Come election time, they'll say...hey, that lady brought a Target into the ward, I'll vote for her!

    I think we should do our best to make people more aware of what's going on around here. Can we get the addresses for everyone in the 46th ward? We can do a simple mailer (a postcard) promoting websites like Uptown Update, Lake Effect News and Fix Wilson Yard. I'd chip in money for that. People really need to know what's going on!

  2. Mr. M1977. We also need to include the blatant lies like the $350K going to Uplift (love the name) school and then Greg Harris publishing the fact the money came from the state. Your a good man, Greg! You got my vote.

  3. I have been wondering has Target confirmed they are coming and opening in 2010?

    If so can someone get a signed letter from Target Corp.?

  4. Sassy has posted this before:


    They announce store openings a year in advance, typically in March, July and October. Unless they make an announcement before the end of the month, we probably won't expect one until October IF they are going to open in 2010.

    I'm really surprised that banner is there without any press release. I've checked Target's website and nothing about a store opening in Chicago. They only announced stores they actually opened in July 2009:


  5. Anyone sent the photograph of the new sign at WY to the officials at Target for a response?

    Lake Effect News? Chi-Town Daily News?

    There might be a scoop here.

  6. Target probably doesn't mind the free advertising so they probably don't care.

    If no one can produce a letter of intent on it then it isn't a done deal.

  7. What Helen Shiller thinks is the final word? When election time rolls around I will vote what I think and thats for a new alderman. Now thats what I really think........

  8. I'm in complete agreement marathonman. It is one thing for us all to be pissed and post about it; but if we really want to affect the status quo we need to inform others in Uptown. Specifically: gainfully employed, voters who value their community.

    Face it, Shiller is SO comfortable in her 'wicked neighborhood' that she feels invincible. Even worse, there is no oversight, no accountability and no recourse for her devious actions.

    Last election was close (less than 700 vote swing) and I really believe that Shiller's reign of lies and deception are nearing an end. However we must try harder to inform voters. Come election time, I'm sure she will ramp up her infamous campaigning to the criminals and destitute.

    This is an effort that need not wait till the polls open. I make it a point to inform Chicago residents of the erroneous TIF program and Uptowners of Shiller's many many many many many faults. Talk about it, tell people about it. I love the idea of fliers or handouts but efforts such has this must be orchestrated carefully as they can have a counter productive result. We have passion and dedication on our side, lets snowball this into massive momentum against Shiller.

  9. The woman is obviously losing it. What a life of misery she must lead and all to maintain some last semblance of power.

    Two lawsuits in the ward have been filed because of her. She recently faced an embarrassing article about an upzoning on Beacon. She gets a ton of grief at this fish farm meeting. She gets caught lying about Uplift's cafeteria. A law is being passed to prevent her from the tactic she pulled with Labor Ready. Last year she was shamed when Greg Harris and Heather Steans held a meeting to address crime and she wasn't allowed at the table. The parking meter fiasco set her back.

    Helen, it just ain't looking good for you.

  10. For the record, the parking meter fiasco doesn't really touch her, directly, since she didn't actually vote on it.

    Actually, the fact that she decided to quell the voices of her constituents in order to give the mayor a defacto "aye" on the parking meter fiasco by not voting makes her look even worse.

    The woman can't win for losing - and that speaks volumes about her effectiveness in office.