Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tribune Ranks Best/Worst El Stations

Today the Tribune has an article about the best and worst of Chicago public transit. You can check out the photos and chart here. A reader who read the article writes:

Neither Wilson nor Lawrence stops made the "worst" list; but, interesting contrasts:

  • Howard got on the "one of the best" list; but, indicates a decline in ridership: -4.62%

  • On the flip side; Wilson shows a spike in ridership since 2000: +14.62%

  • Lawrence, even moreso: +26.22%.

Since it would appear that the meeting regarding the state of the Red Line stations is producing absolutely zero results (to include the lack of updates), I thought your readers might need to be reminded of the entropy being fostered on our mass transit system while a brand spanking new publicly funded parking garage is built across the street from one of those stations which is crumbling into disrepair.

Not to mention the brand spanking new, publicly funded housing project being built down the street - which, of course, won't lead to a further spike in ridership.


  1. And guess how many of Uptown's stops are wheelchair accessable. Yet we're to believe the new slums of Wilson Yard are so forward thinking and "transit" oriented.

  2. Since When does the blue line go to Howard? Am I missing something?

  3. even with the decline I can see how Howard is ranked amongst the top. The few times Ive headed up there it is always clean looking and lets face it the design looks nice.

    I am disappointed to see Wilson at least not mentioned on the top three the said on the WGN news this morning. Everytime I tell a friend I live off Wilson their first response is about how run down and sketchy the stop is. Doubtful I will ever see any fixes to it while I live here since when my lease is up at the end of summer I feel I have to get away from the ghetto.

  4. The CTA has been battling and campaigning for funds for various projects. However, our "beloved" El station is not on the agenda any time in the near future for any repairs, work, upgrades, or updates. The issue of HC access has been raised, and ignored (and that not only impacts handicapped folks, but people with babies as well; ever see women struggling to get a stroller up those steps? Ever wonder why more women with kids don't take the El?) According to a very senior source, first on CTA's agenda are systemwide infrastrucure repairs and improvements (rail work, electrical work and the like).

  5. One would think Helen would be fighting hard to get the Uptown stations ADA accessible since she feels Uptown is the land of senior housing (as well as low income housing).

  6. ever see women struggling to get a stroller up those steps? Ever wonder why more women with kids don't take the El?


  7. Short version:

    How much is WY costing us?

    How much is Truman's garage costing us?

    How much did it cost to relocate a tattoo parlor?

    How many Uptowners are seeing positive benefits from any of that spending?

    Not counting Helen? None.

    There is no better symbol of curious fiscal management, and a betrayal of public trust than the Wilson L stop.

    I'd love to get enough cash together to rent out the billboard across Wilson, put Helen's mug up on that with the words:

    "This crappy L stop brought to you by ..."

  8. Well,to correct the trib article, the blue line does not run to Howard.

  9. I just left the Sheridan station. It is a freakin flood! the attendants have to keep using a squeegee on the ground. i think its a safety hazard there. the roofs and station inside and out leak and are a mess. it might not need a major overhaul like Fullerton or Grand but can they fix the floods? it needs a little TLC. I know the stations in uptown are nasty but Sheridan is no picnic when it rains.

  10. What they didn't mention about Howard is that a horrible fire alarm horn goes off to notify a train that it is going on another run back south after it has arrived from 95th. Can't they use walkie talkies? There are a minimum of 5 CTA staff to help clear the train of the people who are fast asleep, but they still insist on blowing an awfully loud horn. What an advanced system. I take it as little as possible going to my job in Evanston.

    And Wilson, don't get me started.

  11. OK, aside from the obvious rundown apearance of the Wilson el stop, my non-scientific personal observational resarch tells me that the percentage of the population that is wheelchair-bound is MUCH higher in our ward than in outher northside wards that are getting brand-spanking new handicapped accessible train stops!

    Also, as a new mom, it is nearly impopssible for me to hold a baby AND a stroller and climb the Lawrence el steps without help.

  12. I agree that all of the el stops in uptown need more than just a little TLC, but moms, really? If it's such a big deal for you to walk up some stairs with your kid and a stroller, don't. May I suggest strapping your child onto yourself while walking upstairs, and a simple umbrella stroller that folds up? Why do you people have to have these monstrous strollers that take up an entire sidewalk, then complain when you can't get them upstairs. This is a city, downsize people! And frankly, I am happy when I don't have to hear some person's child screaming and crying in the morning on the way to work.

  13. Feel better, uptownartist? It seems like you have been waiting a while for the perfect moment to get that off your chest.