Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Learn More About The Foster Avenue Bricolage

Interested in learning more about the bricolage that's going in at Uptown's northern border, at the Foster Avenue underpass? "Alderman Mary Ann Smith, in conjunction with the Edgewater Historical Society, invites everyone to a presentation on the major design elements of the Foster Avenue bricolage which will honor native peoples and culture. The new public art mosaic was designed by Native American artists and scholars led by the Chicago Public Art Group. It will be installed this summer." The presentation will take place on Monday, June 22, 7pm, at the Edgewater Library, 1210 W. Elmdale. (Thanks to Ald. Smith's email newsletter for the information.)


  1. Too bad our ward cannot have the leadership and responsibility as alderman Mary Ann Smith. She seems to get things done not like our alderman. Maybe 1 day we will vote in a person that has our interests at heart........

  2. Um, I don't know what alderwoman you're talking about, but the Mary Ann Smith I know only pays attention to Andersonville and her ward north of Uptown. Flower pots and planters in my area of her ward? NONEXISTENT. And check out her contributors. How the heck did she get tens of thousands from the city dept of finance. She's no better than Schiller. And from personal conversations, her palm has to be greased to even get in the door for a conversation.