Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wilson El On WGN

The Wilson El Red Line station was in the news today. A reader writes:

"Today at 12:45PM, WGN radio was discussing CTA nightmare stories. The host of the midday said he had two stories himself. One was our very own Wilson stop.

The story was about him getting off at Wilson on a sunny beautiful summer day about two years ago. As he walked down the stairs in encountered wet steps and puddles. He was confused because it had not rained for days (obviously not this year). He then mentioned the smell hit him and it all started to come together. He had to walk around puddles of urine on our proud Wilson stop.

He also mentioned that the three stops in Uptown have not been touched (improvements) since 1921 and 1923.

He mentioned that that the Wilson stop has been cleaned up in recent years. Personally I think it is the basic upkeep of any El stop, but because of the sub-par standards Shiller has done such a good job maintaining, normal upkeep is labeled as improvements in Uptown.

This is his impression of the stop and how we are viewed outside of Uptown. Congratulations Shiller, looks like you got some good publicity for all your dead beat Ald work."


  1. he's lucky it was just urine he had to stop over and not a gunshot victim

  2. Urine in the Wilson Red Line station?


  3. Not to condone the behavior of those who befoul L stations or other public property, BUT...I've said it before and will say it again, there's Got to be a way for L stations (at least the "major" ones) to have some kind of safe and accessible rest room facilities available. (Some of them used, to, you know.)